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NVME SSDs Are Awesome!!

Started by CreepinDeth, September 25, 2022, 01:32:43 AM

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Last week I updated my gaming PC and daily driver PC with NVME SSDs and the speed increase from standard SSDs was so good! I was not expecting much of a difference to be honest but a ton of programs now open up almost instantly and installations happen so quickly that I sometimes miss when they complete if I turn around to grab a drink of water or something quick like that.

Loading times on games also improve. I haven't done any official speed tests since I forgot to get times before the upgrade but it's enough to be noticed. Not sure if I can ever go back to 2.5" drives except for maybe cold storage. I still have spinning hard drives for storage for their large capacities.

My gaming PC uses PCIE 4.0 and my daily driver PC uses 3.0. Even the 3.0 SSDs feel much snappier than traditional 2.5" SSDs. I highly recommend them if you have a motherboard that supports this tech.

These are the drives I got in case anyone was interested:

retro junkie

I wished my mid 2012 macbook supported drives like this. I will need to keep this in mind whenever I upgrade my stuff in the future.
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I remember feeling the tangible difference between SATA III SSD, 10,000 rpm Velociraptor, and 7200 rpm Barracuda drives.  My main desktop still has all 3 drives. My gaming laptop has m.2 drives and loads things even faster. Hard drive speed makes such a huge difference!


I've been using NVMe for awhile now between personal and business computers.  I started placing them in work desktops that we use as servers as well.  The performance is night and day.   If you go from SATA SSD to NVME SSD, you will still notice  a nice increase in performance... even more when transferring lots of files.  If you are going from any style magnetic disk to NVMe SSD... be prepared to be blown away. 

I agree with you... so glad they made these drives.    The amount of data being transferred and stored keeps increasing.  Applications are constantly using more and requiring better performance.  IE... 15 years ago... you could get away with 7200 RPM Magnetic drives and they were good.  You could tell a big difference in performance from 5400 to 7200 or 10k that supported SATA formats.  Even back then, you would be able to open an application fairly fast.  But not at today's standards.

One awesome benefit of Solid State drives... you could take your laptop meeting to meeting... desk to desk... and not have a performance decrease.  Even with the HDD (magnetic disk) Accelerometers and free-fall detection protections (mitigated the risk of the head hitting the platter)... you would STILL have degraded performance in 1 year in laptops (and desktops in certain scenarios).   


SSDs were no-brainer decisions for laptops; faster read, write, and random access times, better resistance to shock than spindle drives, lower power consumption, and lower heat output. My gaming laptop has one m.2 drive and one SATA drive. I don't think there is a single thing on the SATA drive in that. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more