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G Darius - ps4

Started by BLUEVOODU, December 29, 2022, 08:43:05 AM

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I noticed G Darius PS4 was on discount:

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15 bucks...


LOLZ!  That's hilarious.  Funny stuff... and awesome.  G Darius for half off was pretty nice.

Maybe @retro junkie and @CreepinDeth would dig a copy as well.  Nice price for sure... these tend to keep and increase their value well in the future.

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU wow that is a good price for that game. Too bad I do not ever see myself getting a PS4. I love the Darius series. But as time goes on I become more and more embedded in retro gaming. I am finding it harder and harder to justify purchasing newer modern gaming consoles when I am perfectly satisfied with something like the NES, Sega Genesis, etc.
there is no spoon


@retro junkie --> I have a 1st gen ps4 with an upgraded hard drive and about 6 controllers (they all would come with the system, 2 are practically brand new).  If you're interested in a ps4, I might be looking to part with it since I am using the Ps5. 

I VERY rarely sell stuff... but I might be open to this one. 


@targetrasp ... still laughing ... $15 bucks little man...


I'll never mature enough to stop appreciating the earlier works of Kevin Smith!


@targetrasp I hear you.  Also, your gif stopped. Didn't realize gfycat shut down. Dead as of sept 1, 2023

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