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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Started by Grindspine, December 29, 2022, 07:01:37 PM

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Why do all of the weapons break on EVERY enemy encounter?

I remember that games like Diablo II had a durability stat on weapons. Sure, they'd break if you were really negligent about repairs when you visit a town. With Breath of the Wild, I go through multiple melee weapons with every moblin group I encounter. Also, bows shattering while just drawing the string even though arrow are depleted is just.. silly.

Anyone else completely dumbfounded by the game design on this one?


I hated it at first. I made my peace with it after some playing but hated it again when I got into fighting the bigger monsters and guardians.

retro junkie

I have this on the Wii U. I have started it two times. The last time I picked it up I got further than the first time, then slaughtered. I want to get into this game. I just like the way it is exploratory and open in nature, at the same time there are moments in a game that I would like it to hold my hand and lead me through. I am thinking very seriously about getting this on the Switch. I think I would spend more time with it in a handheld console. Might find it more enjoyable? Struggling with this decision. The game still is expensive even used.
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