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Lunar Legend - GBA

Started by retro junkie, January 09, 2023, 12:17:00 PM

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retro junkie

I finished Lunar Legend today using my GBA SP, or one of my SP. This is really the first game I have set down to start and finish after retiring in July of 2021. I gamed more during my work career mainly, I guess, for stress relief. I don't have that stress now and as a result I, at first, had no desire to game. I have spent most of my time out in the yard working and doing house repairs. Been very enjoyable. This game marks a new beginning. It has been very enjoyable just sitting down and playing it. It made me want more from the game than what was there. I spent several days maxing out and leveling my characters by just grinding as you usually can in RPGs.
During my work career it was really difficult to stay focused on a game to finish, so many distractions. Even a new game distracted me from finishing the one I was playing. I have had this game for years and this is the first time I finished it. It will be remembered.
there is no spoon


I mostly used my GBA back when I had breaks between classes. Once my girlfriend (now wife) started stealing the GBA, I started using it far less. I used to game a lot more when I was a student working two part-time jobs. Working full-time day shift kinda kills gaming vibes so much of the time.

It's the conundrum of being an adult; now I have money for more games and no energy or time to play them! :(


LOL... wait... you're an adult, @Grindspine ?

@retro junkie --> I had some of those same things with stress.  These days, work is so busy (but more enjoyable).... it's hard to find the time.  Being more enjoyable, I don't feel the need to always go for that stress relief.  Plus the responsibilities are greater.  My back log and partial game completion is VAST.  In most cases, I concentrated only on finishing Lego games (platinum trophy that is). 

Good job on finishing Lunar Legends!   Man... I need to pick up my SP again.  It has been awhile.


Quote from: BLUEVOODU on January 17, 2023, 07:30:49 AMLOL... wait... you're an adult, @Grindspine ?

I try not to be, but am failing at that ambition lately.