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Bad Batch Season 2 - Disney+

Started by BLUEVOODU, January 17, 2023, 11:22:47 AM

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It looks like we didn't have a Bad Batch season 1 topic... however, Season 2 has started.  I couldn't wait for this to start again. Season 1 of the Bad Batch was awesome.  Bad Batch Season 2 has been awesome so far.  Great Story... great animation... and the characters and stories are awesome.

Who is watching?? 

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!


The Clone Wars series got really, really good as the series progressed. The final three episodes ending with Order 66 marked the end of the Clone Wars, so it was a perfect place to continue with Bad Batch. The animation, voice acting, storylines, and moody soundtrack are epic in this.

Renee and I are rewatching Star Wars: Rebels as well, currently.


I need to finish Clone Wars AND Rebels.  We are definitely a long way off from finishing.  I'm also having trouble remembering the events as we keep starting and stopping the series.

Bad Batch Season 2... Definitely worth a check.  Anyone else viewing?


I should watch all of the Star Wars cartoons but it's really hard for me to get into any cartoon other than comedies. I struggle with taking the canon seriously.