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Not Getting Alerts For Unread and New Topics

Started by CreepinDeth, January 27, 2023, 12:50:00 AM

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I've noticed since the forum upgrade that I no longer get alerts on the site when there are new threads or new replies. The only time I seem to get notified is when someone tags me.

I seem to have all of the boxes checked off in my account.

Anybody else get the same?


Hey @CreepinDeth - you had alerts for EVERY new topic and reply over the entire forum? 

I don't think I set it up that way for myself.  So far, I'm getting replies where I've set it up and from mentions.

Let me know and I'll test it out with the same settings.

Anyone else have issues? 


@BLUEVOODU - I misspoke. You're right, it's not alerts but in the previous version there was a button on the top right of the page that let me see all the new topics and unread replies. I've looked but can't seem to find a similar way to see those.

Update: I just checked off the "Follow topics I create or reply to." Hopefully that helps. But if that does work, it still doesn't solve being able to see new topics I don't create or reply to like in the old version of the forum.


@CreepinDeth The host fixed something on their end recently... and I'm wondering if that impacted the calendar and allowed it to show the events.

With that, how are the alerts working for you now?


I'm still not getting alerts for new topics that have been created or activity on threads I've replied in unless I'm specifically tagged.

Although I just found a new checkbox in the "Look & Layout" section of my profile. I checked off, "Show most recent posts at the top in topic view" to see if that helps.

EDIT: That did not work. It just made each thread descending order instead of ascending.

It all used to be in a clickable button at the top right where the "Alerts" button used to be.

UPDATE: I just saw a setting that maybe might help? I set it to give me alerts of replies and moderation. Also, something I never noticed before was on the top right of each individual board is a button for alerts. I went ahead and told it to give me alerts when something happens in that specific board. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more