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Google Stadia - Dead

Started by BLUEVOODU, February 12, 2023, 09:30:11 AM

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I missed this in December 2022... and then the subsequent returns Google provided in January 2023.   It looks like Google Stadia is dead.

DO you think this a Cloud Gaming trend?  more to come?  Or is this Just Google bowing out of a market segment?

Comments, thoughts?  Post it up!


It came and went without ever grabbing my attention.


I hear you... I'm not sure it was a thought in many people's minds. 

I wonder if Cloud gaming will eventually catch on well.  Speaking of that, I need to check Amazon Luna and a few others.  Not sure what's happening anymore on those fronts.


I have a premium bundle that I got for free because I have a Youtube music subscription. Tried it out for a bit. The streaming itself was not bad but the pricing model on games sucked.

Publishers still charged $60 for triple A titles. That to me is absolutely insane. Had they topped out at $40, I think it would've been a bit more successful. The subscription model they had was decent but you didn't always get the games you're looking for and I don't think it contained new releases.

Oh well, I got a free controller and Chromecast Ultra that I use regularly now. The controller feels quite nice and worked well with the Steam Deck.

Quote from: BLUEVOODU on February 12, 2023, 06:04:29 PMI need to check Amazon Luna and a few others.  Not sure what's happening anymore on those fronts.

Amazon had huge layoffs earlier this year. I would not be surprised if Luna goes away as well.

retro junkie

Cloud gaming is not really long term. Not sure if anyone takes this into account. It is there as long as that particular company supplies the service. I guess I think of things like that due to me being a retro gamer. It is just a part of my brain. Take for example I got out my Gameboy Pocket this week playing old games and thinking wow these games are still fun. With cloud gaming it is seasonal. The company has to maintain the interest of the gamers or they(the gamers) will go somewhere else. Pricing is key as well as the offering. The gamer is detached from the source. Meaning I can't go back and play something years later. It is gone. There is nothing that I have in my possession that enables me to play that game again. An example is OUYA console. I bought into that console. Once that site went down due to the closure of that company, I could no longer play those games. One, I guess, must consider any money spent was equal to the great gaming that you had while it lasted. I loved that little console and the effort that was put into it, but it was short lived.

I am rambling aren't I? I think I was trying to make a point as to why I do not personally consider that gaming worth my time and money. I do see where it can be attractive to some gamers. Some people love eating out at certain restaurants, I would rather have the recipe.
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I get that... it really does seem temporary.  All of the streaming services seem temporary.  If a service closed up, would any of the games or movies exist?  Would they be bought out and published somewhere else?  Obviously if Nintendo's switch service ceased, you wouldn't be able to access certain things.  We've seen that with the closing of certain shops in the past.  Your downloads stay... but you cannot buy any more... and I wouldn't doubt in the future they won't be available.

Though... many people don't want the clutter of buying everything.  They want to just play the game, be done, and move on to the next.  Seems this is becoming more and more the mentality.