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G Darius - PS4

Started by BLUEVOODU, June 03, 2023, 02:05:53 PM

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Well... I finally get around to playing G Darius last weekend.  It truly is a bizarre title.  Even in the HD remaster setting, G Darius is still a bit rough on the eyes.  But... if you go back to the original, you REALLLLY see how rough it was.

I originally mentioned the game in this discount game thread: G Darius - PS4

The Fish based bosses are pretty crazy.  I guess I missed this game as I don't recognize it at all.  It looks like it was originally released on the Playstation.  Did any play this on the Playstation in it's original iteration?

Comments?  Thoughts?  Post it up!

retro junkie

I remember this and still have it. Used to play all the shmups on the PS1. I liked the Darius Gaiden for Saturn a lot better. Even the music was better.
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