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Star Wars: Ahsoka

Started by retro junkie, September 01, 2023, 02:18:33 PM

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retro junkie

Has anyone started watching this series? I sort-of like this one, even though it does not specifically standout in the over crowded Disney Star Wars clutter. There is a certain something about it that has hooked me. I just hope they do not derail it in the following episodes. It doesn't have that Star Wars feel in it, but I think part of that is the drama aspect. And I think that is part of my problem with any of the Disney+ Star Wars series, other than the sometimes mediocre story telling, canon issues, or writing. Star Wars movies are mostly action orientated. I hope there is some real character development as the story unfolds. This seems to be focused toward her sidekick, Sabine, for the moment. But that is okay because it is causing us to get to know more about Ahsoka.

Who's watching?
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Great post @retro junkie !   Funny thing is... I was just logging into post this and saw you did!   :great:

Life has been extremely busy the last 2-3 months with many family and life events occurring.  Free time has been at a minimum... but we were able to sneak in the last 3 episodes of Ahsoka.

I agree.. it doesn't have the Star Wars feel... but I attribute that to the intermediate time they are in between war, change, and many other events occurring in the time line.  To me, the animated Clone Wars series had the same feel in many areas of the series.

I'm excided to see where this heads... hopefully they expand on the series.  I've been waiting for Ahsoka for awhile!  They teased early on with the trailers.


I've only seen episode 1 so far. I'm interested in Sabine and what will happen there but the dialogue seems very wooden to me. Just finished watching other shows so I'll jump back in soon.


So I'm now caught up with all of the episodes. I'm definitely digging it. Overall it feels a tad hollow but there's still enough meat on the bone to make it worthwhile.

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Anaking scenes
were the highlight for me so far. The flashbacks were really cool. Seeing that stuff visualized in live action was nice.


@CreepinDeth  - I 100% agree.  Those scenes you highlighted were amazing... and were an enjoyment to watch. Top notch.

@retro junkie — have you been keeping up?

What are your thoughts @mastermario @SpartanEvolved @Grindspine @targetrasp ?

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU yes I have, still watching. I think there is one more episode.  :happydance:
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You can tell that Hayden Christensen reviewed all of the Clone Wars and really gave his all to give fans the Anakin they saw transitioning from Jedi Knight and General of the Grand Republic into Dearth Vader. This was the version of Anakin we have all wanted to see since the prequels!

The above spoiler scene is the best Ahsoka content thus far.

I am a huge fan of the Rebels series. The dialog does seem quite a bit stiff from the live action actors.

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The Sabine from Rebels would never leave her Mandolorian helmet behind though.

retro junkie

I thought that there were only going to be 6 episodes, but I am now finding out that there are eight.
At this point I am feeling like they misnamed the series.
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@Grindspine - thought I responded to this but I don't see it.   You are spot on... imo those were epic scenes.

Episode 6 was pretty awesome.  Can't wait to see what episode 7 holds. 

@retro junkie - what do you mean?

I'm absolutely happy they didn't cap at 6. I was hoping they would go to 9 or 10.  Hey - I can dream.

@mastermario @SpartanEvolved @trkorecky  - are you guys watching Ahsoka? 

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU the whole series has been centered around Sabine Wren. It should have been called something else instead of Ahsoka.
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