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Sony Q Handheld

Started by BLUEVOODU, October 08, 2023, 10:44:36 AM

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This isn't necessarily new news.  I wanted to add this topic for awhile now.  The Sony Q is a planned handheld that is not like the Vita or anything else.  It appears to simply be a Sony player like the functionality of the Vita where it allowed remote playing of games from the console on the same network. 

I like the concept, but I'd like to have this functionality in a new Vita style device.  I'm not sure how much of a market there is for this device. What are your thoughts?

I guess I always long for a new Vita.. but that could be my "preference" that maybe stems from happy memories. I can't say that's the case... but that may be the case.

Here's more information from theverge:
Sony's new Q handheld -

Thoughts, Comments... post it up!


I have a couple of friends who have already pre-ordered it. The demand might not be high but it'll probably sell decently.

The remote streaming works really well. I use my Steam Deck for that purpose and the picture is pretty clean. It'll probably sell quite a bit when it eventually goes on sale.

retro junkie

I was always a "game only" console sort-of gamer. Whether it be handheld or home console, don't put any other feature on my system. Restrict my consoles to game only!  Then came along the Sony Vita, it ruined everything.  :(  I fell head over heels for that system. Man I used it for everything, gaming, skype, youtube, facebook, email, photos, etc. It was my all in one in my pocket. :great: I carried it everywhere, even on business trips to keep in touch at home with skype. It was the bomb. Then Sony dumped it, all the support crashed and I was left with a game system only. I miss that time however short it was, there has not been anything like it since. I did use it occasionally to do remote play.
That being said............

I would love a return to a Vita like device.
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