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Psyvariar Delta - Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 - Coming soon

Started by BLUEVOODU, August 31, 2018, 05:42:21 PM

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I think it looks cool because I want another Switch SHMUP.  Psyvariar Delta is coming to the Nintendo Switch... OCtober 23, 2018 according to ... FOR a price of $30.

Psyvariar Delta - Nintendo Switch -->

I will buy this game.  I support Shoot Em Ups (SHMUPS) on many different platforms.  I love Shmups on handheld platforms.

I do not know the story on this... but it appears to be brought out by Dispatch Games.  Success's name isn't anywhere on here.  Maybe it's a company distributing in the US?    More information is required.

There is also a PS4 Version (Though I will be buying on the Switch):

Psyvariar Delta - PlayStation 4 -->

Shameless plug - if you decide to purchase via Amazon, please use our links at that helps to offset Hosting Costs.  In fact, anything purchased through our links help with hosting costs / site development.

Anyone else excited for this game?   Comments / Thoughts... Post them up!


Both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch pre-order appears to have been taken off pre-order for now... of course, just before I pre-ordered.  The listings are still on Amazon... but it cannot be pre-ordered for now.  Hopefully we will see this game launch.


Psyvariar Delta Switch and Playstation 4 pre-orders are back online  -    Is anyone else excited for this title?


lol bumping this up... it seems there wasn't much interest in the past... but I just posted a topic in the discount thread... the Switch version of Psyvariar Delta hit a pretty good price:

If you buy, post it up!  I plan to post a topic of the game once I get my hands on it.