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Extra Life Day - Fundraiser for Riley Children Hospital

Started by BLUEVOODU, November 02, 2018, 03:21:28 PM

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Hello Chicken Dinner Gaming Community Members,

I have a few friends at work participating in the below fundraiser - Keggar and the boys.   Our company is providing matches to all donations.  If you have the capability to do so, feel free to donate.

A message from the guys:
Tomorrow we are doing a fundraiser starting at 8 AM and going 24 hours to raise money for Riley Children Hospital in Indianapolis. Joining me is FJ from the Help Desk, Dan from the Global Server Infrastructure team, and Andy who is Local IT for our plant in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. The Cooper Standard Foundation will be matching all donations so they will go twice as far!

We will be doing some PC gaming and streaming it during the whole 24 hours across our various channels. You can view mine at
.  Please tune in and donate to help families not have to worry about how they're going to pay to get their sick child the best treatment possible!

You can also view our pages and donate through the following links:

Keggar's Page
FJ's Page --> FJ is a member of this site
Dan's Page

Check out some of the streams at Keggar's above link and check out the attached flyer.




Good stuff @FJ1X !  I hope it this goes well. I'll check in from time to time on Keggar's Twitch.


How did I miss this a few years ago?  Funny how I run biopsy work for that hospital now...


LOL only you @Grindspine ... but it's also funny because it's true.   

  Yeah... it was pretty cool.  @FJ1X was one of the guys that played.