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Mario Maker 2: Course Sharing - Post Your Levels

Started by Bomber Man, July 03, 2019, 11:34:35 PM

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Bomber Man

Hello! If you want to post your Mario Make 2 courses, then this place is right for you! My courses will be below, and if you want can post yours too! To play courses, you must copy the 9 character code to play!

I edited this to be the course sharing topic.  Post up your Super Mario Maker 2 Levels and we will play them. Please make sure to play other's levels.
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I made another level :

Bowser's Labyrinth

@targetrasp @AngelBob @retro junkie @MegaDrive20XX @trkorecky @Jack @Kinikko -  do any of you have Super Mario Maker 2?  If so.... Post up in the Mario Maker 2 topic and post your levels here!  I will play them.

Here are other courses we made:

1: 062-QVL-84G

2: WQT-TJ1-9LG

3: FVY-V6B-7YG

4: HJ7-JD7-GGF

5: MV1-MQ8-DPG

6: 1W2-C90-XPG


We created another one - midair Bowser takedown!

Give it a shot!


I don't have it, my youngest has it on 3DS and makes these impossible levels and laughs when I die.... Man 4yos are brutal haha. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more