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What's been going on in the realm of switch gaming?

Started by BLUEVOODU, December 25, 2019, 12:02:56 PM

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What are you  playing and rocking out right now?   Have you done any local multiplayer gaming where several people brought their switches?  We were doing that at work for a short time.  DIablo 3... I wonder how well that works local multiplayer works.  I heard 4 players in close proximity can play locally with their switches.  That sounds like a blast.

I'm still playing Tetris 99... and Luigi's Mansion 3 just came out.  Luigi's looks pretty cool.

If you're playing your switch... what are you rocking out?   Post it up!


People really liked Diablo 3 on the switch but I was so used to the computer version I didn't give it enough time. The control scheme seemed like it'd work but it felt wrong so I moved on.

The switch has been on Holiday Break. A lot of AAA titles came out this holiday that's got my focus on the ps4


hm... you know... I'm still thinking of getting Diablo 3 for the Switch @targetrasp ... Money is out in other areas right now... but I think I'll get that.  Maybe we could play it a bit.

Super Mario Maker 2... we've really played a lot and created many levels now.