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What Computer Cases do you favor - 2018?

Started by BLUEVOODU, February 22, 2018, 11:16:30 PM

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We may revisit this topic in the future as cases evolve.

I currently have an Antec 900 and Antec 1200.   I love both cases... they definitely aren't light.  But I will say there have been a TON of improvements in cases since I bought those 7-9 years ago (respectively).

One of the best features of newer cases is the ease of access to the hard drives.   Easily pop one in... and pop one out.  Or just as easily - add a couple more.     My Antec 900 and 1200 have a ton a bays... but the you have 4 thumb screws on each side JUST TO GET THE BAY OUT.  I've reduced this to 2 screws each side placed diagonally.   After you get the bay out, you then have to unscrew the hard drive.  Fan cables run along the bays (due to front side fans)... so you have to work with them as well if you have those fans plugged in.   

While I have been reusing the cases... I wanted to buy into something else.  I have this thing right now for re-using them and probably will because I don't feel like spending $120-150+ on a new good case.

What are you thoughts... post it up!


I bought a server case almost 20 years ago that I still build in. There's tons of bays 10 - 3.5" Plus 2 more for a floppy, 6 5.25" bays and some decent cable management. the difficulty comes from getting cables long enough to go from those two 5.25" bays at the top of the case.

When I bought it I cut part of the side out a put a window in because at the time cold cathode tubes and el wire was popular, now it's just there.

It's huge so i've often considered a newer case. My last two computers have been store bought so it's sat in my closet until just recently. It just barely fits under my computer table, and as I age I become more aware of a room's aesthetics so it may be time to trade in for a smaller model.


What was the server case you bought?

SpartanEvolved and MasterMario have pretty cool cases.  I helped MM pick out his.   Spartan's is larger (I think Corsair Carbide) and the drive bays are very intuitive.


I don't see a brand name and Its been years. I couldn't guess.


I've switched cases many times over the years. While I thought the acrylic cases with lights were cool in the store, I was always a fan of something dark and hidden. Through college I rolled an Antec P180 until I started water cooling, where I picked up a Corsair 800D to fit 2x120 in the (modded) bottom and 3x120 in the top. Still using the Corsair with no lights on the inside and it's holding up great.


I get that. I've gone back and forth on the lights.  I still had blue led lights The fans... so it gives off minimal ambient lighting.  I don't like too bright of lights ... or too many.  Just enough for a glow.


If I had the money, I would have Lian-Li cases, but since I don't I really like Corsair cases. Not too flashy and are made to be real simple to build inside.


I've looked into the Lian Li cases before.  They have really nice designs - improved a lot over the years.

I like the following:
LIAN LI PC-O11WX Black Inside Steel, Outside Aluminum, Tempered Glass Side & Front ATX Mid Tower Computer Case  -

Diggin this case as well:
LIAN LI ALPHA 550X Black SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -

I might try one of these on my next build.  Still waiting awhile before my next build - current pc still has life.


I still really like the Apex Supercase TX381 mATX mini tower with built-in handle on top and front loaded 120mm fan.

If I had the room, I would like to make my next build in a Corsair Carbide Air 240 though.


I don't favor any particular case. I look at cases and see what will work best for me. It has to be funtional, first and foremost. It has to be good quality. It has to be good looking. It used to be that good was just nice to have, but now there are so many options you don't really have to mod a case unless you want to get a really unique end result.

Right now I have a couple of ThermalTake cases, a Fractal and a Phanteks. I'm selling one of the ThermalTake cases and the other I plan to switch out to a Fractal R6 if I can't find some extra drive bays. The Fractal Node 202 is going to be replaced by the Loque Ghost S1 as soon as they start shipping the Kickstarters out. Lastly, my main PC is in a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M and I'm going back to Lian Li later this year when I build a new...ish system. I'll be getting the PC-011 Dynamic.

Here's a list of mainstream brands I typically look at when looking at cases...

In Win
Lian Li
Cooler Master

There are some off the wall ones I've used like Apevia that have been okay as well as some low production cases like the Dan A4 or the Loque Ghost. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more