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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Warzone

Started by BLUEVOODU, April 11, 2020, 01:42:17 PM

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Warzone recently came out... and is a decent mode.  I've played it a little bit, but don't know if I like it as much as Black out introduced in Black ops 4.

@mastermario @Grindspine and @SpartanEvolved and I have been playing here and there.  I need to play a bit more.    Quads was just released as well.

Who else plays this?   Are you getting into the new mode?    I still like playing the standard Call of Duty modes better... but these are fun at times.  Post it up!


Still playing this quite a bit. The Season 4 map changes are pretty good. A couple of new weapons have been launched in the last couple weeks.

I will say Verdansk is starting to get a bit stale. It's about time for a new map.

The one thing that frustrates me a little bit is that if someone on your squad lags out, you're done. No chance to rejoin. Even PUBG would let you rejoin and that's been around for years.


@mastermario I agree... the rejoining needs to be a thing for Call of Duty Warzone.   I've hit a few rounds of that lately were the lag out was an issue.   It's quite frustrating.

We need to join up again at some point in the near future.  @targetrasp and I have been playing a bit here and there.  I've only seen you on once (for a short time Saturday I Think it was)



I play pretty much every night from 11pm eastern to 1am eastern haha. Let's roll!


I may be able to stay up that late on the weekends!

I'll look you up if i'm ever awake then!



I pretty much stopped playing when MasterMario pushed play time back to after midnight EDT.  I still gotta get up at 6 am for work every day!