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Hollow Knight is hard

Started by Grindspine, August 15, 2020, 09:39:28 AM

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I have been trying to play some Hollow Knight after taking a hiatus from Ori and the Blind Forest.

These games are beyond challenging; they are a struggle.

Anyone else dip into these?


@Grindspine - I dug into Ori.. But I haven't checked out Hollow Knight.  What is it like?


Hollow Knight, so far, is like Metroid (the first NES one) with a dash of Dark Souls.

New areas have no automatically updating map, like most Metroidvania games.  There is no experience point system.  Your abilities only increase upon finding or purchasing items.  All items so far are really expensive and hard to afford, especially if you lose all of your geo while trying to recover your shade from where you died.

There are a bunch of enemies that will come out of nowhere, sometimes if you are trying to escape one area, backtracking, an enemy that you thought you killed will pop up and end you.

The graphics and music are haunting, the environments look engaging, but are also very threatening.


@Grindspine  --> I'm going to check Hollow Knight. I think I saw it in my list and I have not played. IF not, I believe it's great on Deck... and pretty cost worthy.  This will be added to my collection if not there.

Are you still playing?


Nah, I moved onto other things a while back. The game looks cool, but when I have limited time to game, cheap gotcha deaths wear thin pretty fast.