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Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Nintendo Switch

Started by BLUEVOODU, September 03, 2020, 04:33:51 PM

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Did you all see this?  Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Nintendo Switch is coming out September 18, 2020.  It includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.   They are all formatted to look nice on the Nintendo Switch.... they're not necessarily updated visuals, but if you try to play any of these games on a current tv, they don't look the greatest.  The videos look rather cool though!

Super Mario 3D All-Stars - Nintendo Switch -

I will say... I wish it had Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well.    That's the only downside to me.  @targetrasp This appears to be a limited release as well... at least the Nintendo Direct mentioned it was limited.   some of these were limited in the past... and I didn't see anything about a special edition.  This is releasing at a bad time... lol...  ;D

Thoughts, Comments... POST IT UP!



As mentioned on the Discord channel, I preordered, but it's not without its flaws. It would've been nice to have seen just a little more enhancements for Mario 64 and it would've been great if they could have bumped the FPS on Sunshine to 60FPS.

Oh and it's missing Galaxy 2.  ???

But since it's an artificially limited release, I bought it and I'm sure that was Nintendo's plan all along.

But overall, it would be good to jump back into Sunshine again. I owned it at one point and couldn't really get into it, so I want to give it a second chance. Never played the Galaxy games.


the galaxy games were amazing. I'll bet galaxy 2 comes by itself


Best Buy is preparing my copy for pickup on Friday. Nice!  ;D

I've also been hearing that some retailers like Gamestop are canceling pre-orders because the physical copies are a lot more limited than anticipated. Hope all of you who pre-ordered get yours.


Yeah!  You Cannot get it on Amazon anymore either.  It's selling out hard.   I'm glad you got it.

Man... I'm hoping Nintendo is like... "surprise, Galaxy 2 j's really on the cart!"  Lol  ;D


I'm glad i preordered a physical copy from amazon and not gamestop... now if amazon pulls that crap i'll be pissed.


Mine still says preparing. Crossing fingers it goes through. There needs to be a crossing fingers emoji.  :)

Also, here is the Digital Foundry video detailing all of the improvements.


Nice - Good Video @CreepinDeth

yeah... I am glad that I bought from Amazon.  Mine Shipped and it should arrive today as well.    I'm really hoping they are like ... "SURPRISE... Galaxy 2 is already on disk.  Merry Christmas."   ;D


Picked mine up and played Mario 64 first. Not bad. It can look rough here and there since they didn't really improve any textures.

Controls feel okay but need to get used to them. Feels weird to have rumble for Mario 64.

Also, it looks like Amazon has restocked. You can get a copy at the moment of this post.


I went ahead and ordered a second physical copy to keep sealed. I've yet to try it out but i'm starting to hear grumblings, sees it may not be living up to expectations


I planned to break it out this last weekend... but was focused on Call of Duty lol.  Mostly because the new one is coming out and Modern Warfare will not be played as much.  Still...  I figured people were going to be negative on it.  In some ways, Games to Nintendo has been like Star Wars was to George Lucas.   It's hard to please everyone.   Maybe they should've remastered?  I don't know... I'm just happy they are doing stuff like this.   It would be cool to have it remastered at some point.

I'll tell you this though... I keep hoping Mario Galaxy 2 is an Easter Egg somewhere on the cart.


I'm certain some data miner would have found it by now!

with the buzz about galaxy 2 Nintendo has to be gearing up for a cash grab with galaxy 2 at the center, This can't be the last thing they do for Mario's 35th

Zelda's is next year, I hope we get something amazing, retro console with every Zelda game perhaps... c'mon Nintendo, do it!


Yeah, the rom leaked about a week before release. It has already been datamined and nothing came up for Galaxy 2.


@CreepinDeth @targetrasp  -- that's really disappointing LOL  ;D

I figured that as well... I really wish it was included.  MAYBE a download surprise ... and Nintendo was expecting someone to look for it as well.   Ehhh.... ehhh?