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Mario Kart Circuit - Pretty Cool Concept

Started by BLUEVOODU, September 06, 2020, 04:37:36 PM

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In the Nintendo Direct topic... we discussed Mario Kart Circuit:

There are many applications for this.  Personally, I'd really like to see the cars be the size the old Penny racers.    About 6 years ago... we were playing with remote controlled cars (rechargeable batteries) about the size of 3-4 quarters tall and about the size of a quarter big.    If we had cameras on them and they were the size and speed of the old penny racers, that would be a blast.

What do you think?   


I love the concept and pray it takes off but it's a toys to life concept that'll flounder..

Houses are getting more expensive and smaller around here, you've gotta be really well off to have enough floor space for something like that.


Yeah... it's amazing how that's happening in many places. 

Now.. If these were the size of penny racers... that would work out well?   Could easily fit over and under and make really cool jump obstacles.  That woukd be awesome imo