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President's Day Sale Gamestop

Started by targetrasp, February 14, 2021, 06:36:41 PM

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I've been watching just about daily seeing as how its one of the few places I can find the GI Joe classified figures. I've also been watching their older stuff as when new generation hits two generations ago get culled. I've been buying xbox 360 and ps3 games for sub 1.00 each and right now there's a buy 2 get one free on the low price stuff and a 4 for 20 on 9.99 and under games. I've probably ordered 40 games this weekend and spent well under 80 bucks.

The president's day sale seems to feature different games on different days but the stuff two generations ago seems to stay on sale.


@targetrasp good stuff... Game wise, is there cheap games in good condition that are worth picking up?  Or Are you just picking stuff up?   

I'm going fo check this out.  Thank you for sharing.


It's Russian roulette! some have been immaculate, some have been garbage. at sub $1.00 though I'm willing to gamble.

As for quality of games it's limited. There's tons of sports games to skip through but anything Battlefield, COD, Assassians Creed, God of War, Fable, etc. you may have missed is usually up there. So far I'm getting about half of what i ordered in its original case and 2 /3rds of that has its books. Some are disc only (usually noted) but a good bit comes in those generic cases beat to pieces. Usually its just the case thats garbage, every once in a while the game is pretty trashed. Great for filler and achievement hunting


@targetrasp I took a look last night...  I ended up spending too much on new Bioshock collection Switch, Doom (now Hard to find Switch game) used, and Spongebob BAttle for Bikini Bottom remasturd PS4.

Almost all the $1.00 games were stuff I already had (I hate to admit it on some of the games lol).  They did have some interesting DS and 3DS games in stock... some hard to find stuff.   Here's to hoping Doom comes in immaculate condition...   


The 360 and the ps3 happen to be around the time I had kids. I was broke and didn't buy much that generation, especially more towards the end of it. It was also the time my kids were growing up and wrecking things, so what i did have went through some stuff! TLDR those dollar games were perfect for me.


Man... my Doom Switch was supposed to be complete... and came cart only.   I did receive a pretty good deal... so I haven't returned it.  I'll probably keep it and try to get a new or complete version.  It seems that it is becoming more rare... so I won't lose money on my cart only version.

It is pretty cool to have Doom on a handheld like this...


I've found with gamestop you can pretty much assume disc in generic case unless it says disc only. 25% of the time you'll get more than just generic case. It's annoying but if you set the bar low and buy assuming crap you'll sometimes be pleasantly surprised. HECK new doesn't mean sealed in pack. Twice now i've gotten new that's opened, one had the wrap on it but was mostly coming off and the other was completely opened but had a new sticker slapped on it. LUCKILY when i really want a complete item I buy two, one to open and play, one to put up. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more