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Hard Corps Uprising

Started by Grindspine, May 05, 2021, 01:56:26 AM

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Anyone else snag this in April's free games with Gold?

It is apparently Contra-style with an "uprising" mode that allows for perks to be bought with earned cash as you progress through the levels.


Unfortunately,  I do not have gold anymore.   Have you been playing this a lot?   Is it any good?


I have only gotten to play it a bit so far.  It feels like a more modern Super C contra, very familiar to Metal Slug 3 as well.  I have not played deep enough to really get into the upgrades yet.


So this was originally a Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game?  I wonder why it wasn't also offered on the PlayStation 4. IT's cool they at least offered it on Gold for Xbox owners.  Cool Stuff!

Man... you say Metal Slug 3... that makes me want to play it more.  Need... an... Xbox.    No no... sticking to 2 consoles this time around!


You can play Metal Slug 3 on PS3; I think you can buy it off the PS store still.

I have an Xbox copy for the OG xbox.  I think that I actually bought that from you at one point.