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2021 edition - What Cell Phone are you Rocking?

Started by BLUEVOODU, May 28, 2021, 02:40:39 PM

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Originally started by @Jack ... we are now in 2021.  What Cell Phone are you rocking? 

If you are still rocking the same Cell... what do you want to get and why?

Post it up!

retro junkie

I am using an iphone SE 1st edition. It is using the current os. Probably won't be supported in the next os update, who knows. I have a tracfone sim card in it. Serves me well.
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Still got a galaxy s9, my kids have s10's and iphone 12s, but dad gets the old stuff...


I've got a Samsung Galaxy S20+, I usually try to get the best camera I can afford because I take a lot of closeup pictures for work (I don't get a work provided phone).


Galaxy J3 Prime... it is dying.  I really miss my Samsung flip phone.


Hey @AngelBob Glad to see you back!

Yeah... I finally upgraded to an iPhone.  I've ran BlackBerry (no joke) since 2007 I think...?  I even had a BlackBerry Motion as my last phone.   I have to say, I really liked it.  It was android... and they finally had the screen RIGHT for a touch screen BlackBerry.  It had low adoption numbers though... sucks... but it is what it is.  So... AT&T was shutting down 3G.  My BlackBerry Motion was a 4G LTE device. 

AT&T screwed me over... They Shutdown my device multiples times stating there was some 3G component to it.  I'm like... it's a 4G phone.    Fought and Fought... finally bought an iPhone directly from Apple. I wasn't going to buy through AT&T after that mess.  So frustrating, it was.  The Motion still had a decent amount of life left.  I was going to try to get a gaming phone or something (why not)... but I everything was out of stock... and I went with the iPhone.   I've used one for work for the last 11 years... and they're not bad.  I do miss BlackBerry a bit... I'm sure I'm the only one these days.  ;D


@BLUEVOODU I had a blackberry tablet way back in the day, the display was amazing! But other than that I've never owned a blackberry lol.

My first two smartphones were iphone, but I like Android better for some reason. I've had a couple of the pixel phones, they weren't bad.

retro junkie

It looks like my iphone SE (1st gen) will be supported with iOS 15. At this point I don't know what that really means. Will it be a nightmare to my old phone? I am surprised be it being included. I thought iso 14 would be the last. I really like this little phone and hope the iOS 15 will not overload the processor creating problems and sluggishness.
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I'm on the Pixel 5. Haven't really had a reason to switch to anything else. Has a top of the line camera and runs stock Android OS.

Would like a Pixel 6 but just spent money on other things so I'll wait a year or two before I upgrade again.


Necro bump!

Recently updated to the Pixel 7 Pro. I'm loving this phone so far. Really solid and the camera is amazing. I'm glad I held off on the Pixel 6 since it wasn't exactly issue free. The 7 Pro seems to have rectified the issues it had.