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OLED Switch - Have you bought one? What are your thoughts?

Started by BLUEVOODU, February 12, 2022, 01:36:04 PM

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The OLED Switch has been out for a little while now.  It has followed the "difficult to procure" suit with all the other consoles out there.  I was able to pick one up in November 2021... but honestly, I haven't been able to put much time into it.

The screen looks pretty frickin nice though.  IMO, it's a decent upgrade from the original switch.  Is it enough of an upgrade to replace your older switch... or maybe launch switch from 4-5 years ago?  That depends on you and how important the screen and a couple other upgrades (IE the stand) are to you.  I do like the screen upgrade... Metroid Dread looks REALLY good on the OLED.

What are your thoughts and comments? Post it up.


The white looks pretty sweet sitting next to the white real-estate hogging ps5, but alas, I've yet to play anything on it. I've got a decent sized switch collection at this point, and several more coming. If anything gets me finally playing again it'll be when Advance Wars comes out.


lol... @targetrasp  ... I still haven't played mine.  I'm thinking of selling it at this point and waiting for the next revision.  However, I also want to break this out.  The last 2 months have just been stupid...


Want one for my collection but too many things I want to get first. Had a coworker bring his in to the office and let me try it out. The screen is very nice but not enough for me to get right away since I already have a Switch. Maybe for Christmas.


wii sports will be here soon, multiplayer will be interesting. Still lots of life left in mario party as well as a ton of mario kart tracks that have thus far gone undownloaded. I'm probably picking my switch back up soon


@targetrasp speaking of Mario Part - we need to play that again.  Maybe we can get some others to join.

@CreepinDeth - I still haven't opened mine... I've almost had it 1 year now.  VERY Close to 1 year.


So far Renee and I have only played Super Mario Party Superstars and some Link's Awakening.

We have the TMNT Cowabunga Collection, but haven't opened it yet!

retro junkie

I have yet to really get into playing anything on the switch, except Animal Crossing. But I have not picked that up in a while. Lately I have started playing Cuphead.
So with that in mind.............
I haven't really felt the need to want the OLED Switch. And really I have the Switch Lite, which I do not consider a Switch. Mainly because it cannot switch, it is portable only. I don't know why but it has not overwhelmed me like the DS and 3DS did. I miss the camera option too.
Maybe, somewhere in time, if I get a notion, to want a Switch, that will be what I purchase.
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Quote from: BLUEVOODU on October 30, 2022, 09:48:11 AM
@CreepinDeth - I still haven't opened mine... I've almost had it 1 year now.  VERY Close to 1 year.

Wow, you definitely don't have an urge to play it, lol. I would've already opened it even if I had no desire. Should make it easier to sell, if that's what you end up deciding to do though. It's probably good that you haven't now that you have the Steam Deck. It might make you feel differently about the screen, lol.


@Grindspine  --> Play the Cowbunga collection yet?! lol

@retro junkie --> I'm actually happy that the camera is missing.  Others definitely won't share my same sentiment.  There is an IR sensor... but beyond that... no camera (IMO) is a good thing.  Everything has a camera these days.  Now, I do see the benefit for sure for certain applications to have a camera.

@CreepinDeth --> lol... idk man.  I've just been busy.  I wanted it... but then time just went on.  And your screen comment... I never looked into that.  Are you saying the Steam Deck screen is much better?  I thought the OLED switch had the better screen.  OR are you saying... don't play it because there will be lament in regard to the Steam Deck screen?


Quote from: BLUEVOODU on November 09, 2022, 09:45:47 AM
OR are you saying... don't play it because there will be lament in regard to the Steam Deck screen?

@BLUEVOODU - This is what I'm saying.


Rough - that screen did look pretty nice now that I think about it. I did power it on for a few min when I brought it home. 

Maybe it's time to just use it...


The one thing that Switch OLED does not have on the Steam Deck is the ability to lock in different refresh rates. If I had to choose between the two screens, that's what I would pick.