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Free Games with Prime

Started by targetrasp, June 17, 2022, 01:06:16 AM

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I've had prime for a long time and had no clue they gave away games. They give games away sort of like Epic does, on a rotating basis. It's library fodder. I picked up my 3rd copy of Escape from Monkey Island and a few others I probably wont download BUT check the link, Prime Day this year has some nice free games and there's a bunch of free indie crap leading up to prime day. Mass Effect is an all time favorite and some of bioware's best. Scoring the whole collection for free is worth the prime with games download.

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These look to be computer games. I am not a computer gamer, but this looks good. I didn't know they had anything like this. They don't really advertise it very well. I haven't been a Prime member. If I consistently purchased from Amazon then I would see the need. I am more of an eBay person even though we do pick up some things from Amazon occasionally.
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Yeah, marketing must be an after thought. Luna isn't very much hyped and the IGN article was supposedly the first I've heard of it but I think it's possible I have used this service and just completely forgot about it. When I downloaded the client, I had 30-40 games in my library already. Neat surprise! Speaks volumes over how sticky the service is(n't)!


yeah... good post @targetrasp   I need to try this out.

We do have a cloud gaming board - I haven't had much time to break into this yet:
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They had a notice for early access last year.  I didn't participate, but threw a topic out here.  Looks like they have rolled out it.  Interesting more isn't mentioned about it.  Even when on, they don't really market it at all (yet).


I've been grabbing some of the games since February. Sometimes they have something great but most of the time they're decent to Okay games. Most need the Amazon launcher, which is super annoying. The rest depend on who the publisher is. EA games will be Origin, CD Projekt games will GOG, etc. I don't think any of them have been redeemable on Steam since I've started redeeming.