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Viewpoint 2064 on the Nintendo 64!!!

Started by retro junkie, July 01, 2022, 07:55:47 PM

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retro junkie

I have been waiting for this! Finally in my mailbox!!
I have started my July 4th weekend playing Viewpoint 2064 for the Nintendo 64. This is an unreleased game for the N64 that should have been released IMO. It looks like it would have been a release through Sammy. I would have loved a game like this on the N64 back then during its heyday. But I am thankful that someone acquired and released the Rom file. And that some little, or big, Chinese person took it and placed it on a cart and put it up for sale. Original hardware with the game on a cart is what I like. I paid $50 for this and I do not regret it.  I am sure this is not much more than a prototype, but wow it is highly playable and fun.
I am not quite sure if it is finished. It plays okay, no bugs that I can tell, yet. There was that moment during one stage that nothing was attacking for like a couple of minutes, which is when I wondered if the game was finished. And then there was objects falling down in my way in another stage, I went right through them with no hit detection. Enemies have an attack pattern that comes to be expected at certain points during the stages. Memorization is needed in games like this, old school. 

I have been trying out buttons to see what works. Found out that if I hold down my fire button I can lock onto multiple targets and fire a missile like in the SEGA After Burner game. And I do have this power shot that is connected to an energy bar at the bottom of the screen. It gradually builds up and then you can use it. Seems you can use it at any time, but the most powerful use is when the bar is full. Then there are those different type shot power ups that are typical in shooters.
This is a behind the view rails shooter. There are moments in some stages where you are treated to the ¾ view of the original SNK Viewpoint. This also has a Star Fox 64 type gameplay at times.
The action is frantic with mid level bosses and a main boss at the end. And it is, at times, challenging for me. The more I learn about my ship the easier it is to go up against the end stage boss, at least some of them it is. I am glad there is a life bar for my ship and power ups that help keep it up a little. Although they don't seem to be there when I want them. One boss has wiped me out every time. At the end of stage one you get to choose your route with up to fifteen stages. I have been in one, two, three, five, and nine.
There is a story intro at the beginning and bits dispersed in between each stage where you are getting instructions, and info, from a Mike Wazowski looking alien.
Graphics are typical Nintendo 64, no slowdown. Some of the stages seem sparse, but come to think of it not any more than the original. And this is not in any way a remake of the original game. But it is a good arcade type shump that is very satisfying: Definitely worth the price of admission.
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@retro junkie — 1st off.  Great post and review. Sorry I missed this one for so long - Seriously high five on This one...  you have a number of great reviews. 

Viewpoint 64... I have Viewpoint on the Neo Geo CD. I wanted it on the Neo Geo AES, but it was always so expensive.  It's pretty great on the Neo Geo CD.

I always wanted this game on the Nintendo 64. It's really weird they never released it. At one point, I would've swore I saw one... but obviously that's a bad memory. I'm recalling a different game. 

It's cool you were able to score this. Did you finish viewpoint 64 yet?  If it can be finished...

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU i am needing to get into this game again. I was pulverized by one of the bosses and never could get past him when I laid the game down. It is still in my N64. I just need to learn the pattern and avoid his hits. I think I was distracted by another game too on the NES.
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@retro junkie - when you have the chance go play again. Those stages you highlighted above with the webs... you fly super slow or near stand still, correct?  And with the ship, were you able to jump?

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