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Replacement Joy-Con Thumbsticks

Started by CreepinDeth, September 30, 2022, 11:43:38 PM

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I know many of you have probably experienced joy-con thumbstick drift. It's pretty notorious on the Switch. My wife's thumbsticks started drifting a while back and eventually they just went haywire. Causing double input as well as just drifting.

I successfully transplanted some new thumbsticks and the joy-cons are like new again! It's actually not too difficult. It definitely beats paying $70-$80 for another pair. I highly recommend this.  ;D

Here are the guides I followed on their site plus a link to the thumbstick replacements.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con/Switch Lite Joystick - You can either get the full kit that comes with all of the tools you need or just the thumbsticks. I already had the tools so I just got the parts.

Left Joy-Con Joystick Replacement Guide

Right Joy-Con Joystick Replacement Guide - Since the Right Joy-Con contains an antenna plus some other parts, the procedure is actually a little different.


Great Links and topic @CreepinDeth   This is a big help.

We took advantage of the Nintendo program over the pandemic in 2020 to replace at least 2 pairs of Switch Joy-Cons.  The drift.... was ... awful.  Honestly, I couldn't figure out at the time what replacements would be good... so I opted on shipping the Joy-Cons to Nintendo and letting them deal with it.  It was free... and the process was actually very quick.

I think the program is done now.  So far, our Joy-Cons haven't redrifted ... and the new pairs I did buy hasn't started to drift (honestly shocked).   I have to tools to do this plus many other tasks with screws this size, so I will take advantage of what you posted once I need to replace them again.

Good post!