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Dark Souls - Nintendo Switch

Started by BLUEVOODU, March 04, 2018, 03:38:12 PM

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Coming out in May - Dark Souls for the Nintendo Switch.  From what I read, it's a port... but for some reason, I'm still very excited for this game.

Dark Souls - Nintendo Swith -

I'm still looking ... anyone know who's responsible for the port?

What do you think about it coming out on the switch?  Are you excited for this game?


According to a rumor or what not... Dark Souls Remastered  - Switch - will be running on the Dark Souls 3 Engine:

Dark Souls Rumor - Running on Dark Souls 3 Engine -

Not sure how much to read into the rumor or if that's confirmed yet.


Is this gonna be the first one then?  I'm kinda excited for it if it is.  I really like watching people LP these games but never actually got to playing them myself. 


My understanding is yes this is supposed to be the 1st one.... and it looks like potentially on the Dark Souls 3 Engine.  Not sure if that's been confirmed yet.

SpartanEvolved said it was going to be on the PC as well.