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Enter The Gungeon

Started by Kinikko, March 10, 2018, 03:25:19 AM

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I think this is out for a few other things, but I just picked this up on my switch.  Holy crap I don't like this kind of game normally but this is fun as hell.  XD 

Lots of punny humor and it pokes fun at a lot of tropes.

Anyone else have this?


I've not heard of this game.  It sounds interesting and I love punny humor.

I've never been a fan of the 'Binding of Isaac...' it just never interested me.

I'll check it and see what this game is all about.  Any good links for the game... to reviews etc?


I've been keeping an eye on it on Steam. It's not something I think I'd play a lot, but in the right mood its very smash tv-ish


@Kinikko I'm hoping this game goes free on Playstation Network.  I know they've had certain games like this for free... er a part of the Playstation Network offered games.

I looked at this game again... it looks very interesting.  There's another game called Foul Play they offered recently. We downloaded it and are having a lot of fun with it.