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How HAL Laboratories Got its name

Started by BLUEVOODU, February 06, 2018, 11:12:09 PM

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I thought this was interesting.   I saw it on Discord the other day  ... I had forgot this from the past.

HAL (Kirby creators) created its name to put each letter ahead of the letters in IBM.  Each letter put them 1 step ahead of IBM.

HAL Laboratories, Inc Wikipedia Page

Fun Fact for the evening.


well that was awesome, because I looked at hal's Wikipedia I learned about the MSX.... It seems strange it never made it to the US... but Sony has a way of having just as many complete and utter flops as it does stellar successes


That's true.. Beta, UMD, Super Nintendo CD player... Er PSX... wait... that ended up doing pretty well :)

...Sony MSX Wiki Page... I just looked that up.  Definitely interesting.  I didn't even pay attention to that on the page.  Thanks for pointing it out.

As the page states "MSX2 is not to be confused with the protein Msh homeobox 2."   Yeah... I followed that rabbit hole too.


Wikipedia is worse than those "you won't believe what (insert celebrity / pop culture icon) looks like now" which has a link to "see where the actors of (favorite 90's teen drama) are up to now" which segways into "42 famous people you wouldn't realize are dead" which goes to "star wars goofs you never noticed" which leads to "14 best kept secrets behind MASH" which then leads to 68 unbelievable photos from Woodstock while finally ends at OH CRAP, I gotta be up for work in 2 hours...