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Amazon Prime Day!
« on: July 17, 2018, 01:21:45 PM »
Amazon prime day is today... anyone taking advantage of this? 

Amazon Prime Day -

I bought Gevalia Keurig K CUP 100 Count Coffee... it's actually pretty good lol... and only $0.38 per cup on the lightning deal.
Gevalia Keurig 100 K Cups - Lightning Deal

Yeah... we drink coffee like fiends... so... any time we see a deal like this, we eat it up.   There's only 1 other time of the year to get it this cheap (normally) ... and that's the black Friday / cyber week deals. 

I posted a pretty good 3DS XL Deal in the gaming deals thread:
Nintendo 3DS XL Super NES system for $149.99 with Mario Kart
* I also noticed on this deal... you can add the charger for $0 upcharge.  I thought it always upcharged $12 or $15... may be mistaken on that... but it's $0 right now if so.

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