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Author Topic: February 2021 - NES and Super NES Game Updates  (Read 571 times)

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February 2021 - NES and Super NES Game Updates
« on: February 10, 2021, 07:21:28 AM »
4 more games are coming to the NES and Super NES - Doomsday Warrior, Psycho Dream, Prehistorik Man, and Fire N Ice... a puzzle style game.

NES & Super NES - February 2021 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online<\a>

Psycho Dream... does anyone remember that?   What are your thoughts on these additions?   
@retro junkie you've probably knocked these out already  ;D

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Re: February 2021 - NES and Super NES Game Updates
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2021, 08:03:58 PM »
@BLUEVOODU I have yet to even consider doing a digital download of a retro game onto my Switch. Not that I wouldn't, at some point, maybe, consider it. It is just that, I have these old retro systems out and ready to go into a gaming session at any moment. Recent gaming has been Famicom and Sega Genesis.

Psycho Dream, been a while, but that is a weird game. Good action platformer. Moderately expensive game to go out and find a hardcopy. I do remember that I enjoyed playing the game and I think it would be a good game for a new generation of gamers to experience. Fire and Ice is a good puzzler. Many people that have a Switch might not have a retro console. It is good that they have access to some of this old stuff.
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