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Loki - The Television Series

Started by BLUEVOODU, April 16, 2021, 10:02:42 AM

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retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU there is so much hidden in the Loki series that you do not pick up on the first time watching. You almost see things the second and third time around that causes you to think. They are saying that The Doctor Strange 2 movie we will see a team up of Loki, Wanda, Strange, and Spiderman. Nightmare is still the one that is suspected as being the bad guy with it being the scariest MCU movie to date.
there is no spoon


@retro junkie - it really looks like it's shaping up to be that way.   The latest Marvel series are starting to provide an unlimited amount of possibilities to the courses the next Marvel movies can go.   I'm hoping they pull it together well like the Avengers series.  Their directions could easily become too wide and too odd.

The next Spiderman trailer is out.  I also missed a one of the releases - Shang Chi and the Lengend of the 10 rings.