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My Nintendo Switch wish - Phantasy Star Online

Started by BLUEVOODU, March 01, 2018, 06:44:34 PM

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Phantasy Star Online similar to GameCube versions. Online and offline modes.  Integrated touch screen inventory. Ability to play local sessions with other switches - local area network / ad hoc where you don't necessarily have to connect to the server... but not connecting to server may not be possible.  It is a wish though for an additional feature.   

I will take the game remastered with improvements or a new game in the series. Fit inventory screen appropriately to gameplay on switch.  And I'd like voice chat. 

What are your thoughts?  Post it up!


I would play PSO. I really enjoyed it on the DC.


MM and I would play here and there back in the Gamecube days lol.  In fact, I still have the broadband adapter.

I wish this would be a thing because the switch would be a great system for it.