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Advanced Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp - Pre-Order - Nintendo Switch

Started by BLUEVOODU, June 01, 2022, 09:43:19 AM

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Has anyone played the original Advanced Wars games?  I used to play these a lot... they were a lot of fun.  Looks like they're re-issuing them for the Nintendo Switch.  They were originally released on the Game Boy Advanced.  There was another game, Advanced Wars Dual Strike, released on the Nintendo DS.

Pre-Order Amazon Link:
Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp - Nintendo Switch -

I'm thinking of pre-ordering this game... though the backlog is massive.   Anyone else?

Thoughts, comments?  Post it up!


I've already ordered it. I loved The first three, never played the days of ruin but the first three were fantastic. Batallion wars was awesome too. Seems like this one will take a while, PR and war in Ukraine seem to be holding it back


@targetrasp   Now you make me want to pre-order it.  I Think I might do that.  Same as you, I realllllly liked the 1st 3 and never played Days of Ruin.

I used to play this on my old GBA SP.  It was the Perfect game for handheld.



Bestbuy mysteriously cancelled my order. I was stoked to get this game over the weekend and it was just silently cancelled. I didn't receive an email, it just stopped showing up in my pending orders. "Advance Wars" didn't even show up when I typed it in searching through my orders. Had I not remembered ordering it at the same time I ordered a Series S I never would have found the cancellation.

I just reordered on best buy's site as there's nothing local to pick up, so maybe next weekend.



@targetrasp I've balked at buying this one so far.  Did you get it and is it great?


I really dig Advance Wars,and am so happy I get to play it on new hardware. I just beat the first Advance War's campaign and have gone back to 100% complete the first campaign. I really wish Dual Strike was included but I'm happy with the purchase, probably more so than normal.


@targetrasp man... I need to get this game.  I'm hoping it'll go on sale in the near future.   If I find it on sale, I'll post the sale.  This is one of those games in the past that didn't go on sale... at least from what I remember.


Rule of thumb:

If it's a first party Nintendo game and I want it It'll never go on sale UNLESS I buy it, then it'll go on sale just after. If I don't buy it, it becomes insanely difficult to find and costs more than retail OR just never goes on sale.

case in point -

5 bucks cheaper already, and i bought day one, - only Advance Wars game slept on and it's worth more now than during the release.


I think I may buy this one. It's a shame they don't have better multiplayer for it though matches could take a very long time. 

10% off right now but still $50+

Advanced wars is awesome though... outside complaints of multiplayer, it seems like this game is holding up and highly rated. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more