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Author Topic: Taking Screenshots of Games - How do you do it? What's the best method?  (Read 25 times)

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Some of the reviewers do a great job of taking screenshots and videos for mobile games (Such as Nintendo DS, 3DS) as well Consoles.  I've been a little confused on the DS and 3DS systems and how they get these Screenshots / videos so well.

What do you use to take screenshots and videos?  Do you know what these other reviews use to get their shots of the 3DS and DS?  There's a device of some sort...

I used to have an ATI All in Wonder Pro graphics card that allowed me to hook TV and systems directly into the card.  That made it very handy... but I haven't seen a device like this for awhile.  Then again... I haven't searched for awhile either.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up.
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There's 3ds capture cards. It requires modification to the 3ds. A small black board is added to the bottom of the 3ds with a mini usb for output. It comes with capture software. Sound and video output - versions i've seen only fit the first 3ds and don't output in 3d. I'm sure by no someone has figured out the newer models, it's been a while since i've checked.

The cheap-o's video the screen itself with a (hopefully) well positioned cell phone or camera.

Miiverse can be used to capture screen shots in certian situations similar to how people were using it on the wii u.

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I thought some of the games have a built in screenshot thing, too? I remember taking pics from Animal Crossing every now and then when I got a new outfit or a villager said something funny. It saved it to the memory card and you had to look it up on a computer but the quality was fine.

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I mostly just use Steam since you can take uncompressed screenshots. It's really the easiest since everything is on your PC already. For Nintendo handheld devices, there has to be something proprietary in order to take clean shots. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more