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its amazing how long a game can stay in the backlog.
Really odd delivery window on this one, December 5th - January 14th!
General Discussion / Re: Star Wars: Ahsoka
November 03, 2023, 10:41:53 AM
I finally watched the series, and it's held me better than most of the more recent Star Wars offerings.

 Shoe-horning social issues into their IPs seems to be Disney's main focus, for better or worse. As a lover of rock / metal, comic books, video games, and a bunch of nerdy stuff, I'm not turned off by social / political messaging in the media I consume, it just can't be forced (expect more), or a hinderance to the media itself. Ahsoka has achieved this better than most of Disney's recent offerings. It's probably the most girl-power Star Wars yet but the cast makes sense. Disney didn't just pick out every female Star Wars character and toss them together with no real reason for those characters ever to share space (get it, space). This cast has a reason to be together and it works, nothing feels forced (last one, I swear). What I can't understand, and Creepin alluded to it when he mentioned Ahsoka being stoic, is where's the emotion.

This thing between Ahsoka and Sabine didn't generate the tension I feel it should have, Syndulla felt the same no matter the situation, and Sabine while being a little more dynamic still seemed to fall flat when compared to the situations she found herself in during the series. Heck, every Mandalorian in the Mandalorian series seemed to portray a better sense of emotion despite quite often hidden behind armor.

Detractors hating because of the girl-bossin' aren't looking at it very fairly. If anything, that got tuned down a little. Ahsoka isn't a force monster like Rey. She doesn't win every fight, neither did Sabine. The other side complained because it wasn't girl-power enough. 40 years, 11 movies and a half dozen or so series and this is the first with a predominately female cast. "But sadly, Ahsoka wasn't exactly passing the Bechdel Test." (

The show was good, definitely worth a watch. The period between the Clone Wars and the Force Awakens has tons of storytelling avenues I want to go down. The events in Ahsoka were in my mind huge. The series didn't adequately portray the emotion and gravitas these events merit. I can't decide if I blame that on the writing or the acting.
The ps1 Raystorm was pretty awesome. It doesn't seem to believe in defense of any sort. There's no roll, your ship is slow and projectiles are hard to dodge. The bosses have a lot of targetable areas but only one actually kills it. If you spend time taking out one of its nonvital areas, you die. First shot needs to go straight for the heart.

I've got the ps1 game and it's great, I'd pick this up.
I looked at it... Never heard of any of those games!

There's a game called Wolflame that I immediately read as Wolf LAME, not a lot of confidence inspired.

I may still buy it, shooters seem to be more likely to increase in value that some of the other games out there
The neo arcade one gave me the impression of an off-brand R-Type. Nothing stood out, but I played it because I too enjoy shooters. I'm not crazy about bullet hell shooters so games like R-type are more my speed. Andro Dunos 2 looks like it's much better than the original and made it to my wish list but for some reason hasn't hit the cart yet.
Gaming / Movie / Media Deals / Re: G Darius - ps4
September 27, 2023, 08:31:53 AM
Gaming / Movie / Media Deals / Re: G Darius - ps4
June 03, 2023, 05:11:04 PM
I'll never mature enough to stop appreciating the earlier works of Kevin Smith!
Rule of thumb:

If it's a first party Nintendo game and I want it It'll never go on sale UNLESS I buy it, then it'll go on sale just after. If I don't buy it, it becomes insanely difficult to find and costs more than retail OR just never goes on sale.

case in point -

5 bucks cheaper already, and i bought day one, - only Advance Wars game slept on and it's worth more now than during the release.
bio-what? At this point it's all but forgotten!

I really dig Advance Wars,and am so happy I get to play it on new hardware. I just beat the first Advance War's campaign and have gone back to 100% complete the first campaign. I really wish Dual Strike was included but I'm happy with the purchase, probably more so than normal.
Bestbuy mysteriously cancelled my order. I was stoked to get this game over the weekend and it was just silently cancelled. I didn't receive an email, it just stopped showing up in my pending orders. "Advance Wars" didn't even show up when I typed it in searching through my orders. Had I not remembered ordering it at the same time I ordered a Series S I never would have found the cancellation.

I just reordered on best buy's site as there's nothing local to pick up, so maybe next weekend.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Targetrasp!
April 18, 2023, 10:20:45 AM
Thanks for the wellwishes!

The only thing game wise I really got was Faxanadu for the NES. Its one of about 50 or so NES games I've sorely missed and am passively working to bring back into the collection.
Freaking finally, this shows releasing late next week!
I saw one in the local Walmart yesterday, not the Ragnarok bundle, but a PS5 none-the-less.

Chained Echoes got in the way.

maybe in 2023...
I hated it at first. I made my peace with it after some playing but hated it again when I got into fighting the bigger monsters and guardians.
@CreepinDeth the dream basher!

somehow I figured as much, really just hoping for different!

maybe I'll age out by the time this stuff goes completely digital, although no real sign of growing up yet, and that should have happened 20 years ago!
@retro junkie

nice, I'll save the seller. I'm bleeding money (more like bled out) so my temperance is finally starting to kick in. It sounds like if i pick up one of these i can keep my minis sealed and have the ability to play everything.
Gaming / Movie / Media Deals / Re: G Darius - ps4
December 29, 2022, 12:18:27 PM

15 bucks...

I wonder if the S gets considered a failure and if that'll stop this silly digital push!

Leave the digital to Steam, Epic, GOG etc. I want xbox, Sony, Nintendo etc. to stay physical.

nope, it's a shelf decoration. I don't intend to leave it wrapped but I've not really been compelled to crack it open at the moment.
Weird to go back and see what I was doing a year and a half ago!

Mass Effect got completely forgotten, Although its on my mind now..

MW2 needs some love again. It's one of those you talk about playing for an hour or two and next thing you know the day is blown. This may be why I don't spin it up as often as I'd like. It'd be great to join up with some of the CDGers'

Some friends talked me into game pass for PC and we've been playing Gunfire Reborn. Great game with a few friends, not so great solo. Also playing Chained Echoes on game pass. It's a RPG with a decent story but really cool (although pretty simple to dominate) battle system. A few hours in they're still adding mechanics and it's getting a little more complex. I've got some high hopes for the game.

Retro consoles, series x, and switch have been gathering dust. Work gets really slow during the first quarter so maybe I'll find some extra play time.
General Discussion / Re: test new topic
December 28, 2022, 06:40:19 PM
I got it
General Discussion / Re: Star Wars: Andor
December 16, 2022, 10:17:24 AM
The first several episodes didn't do much at all to reel me in, I think I stopped somewhere in the middle of the second episode and didn't come back for a long time. I started seeing all these raving reviews and decided to give it another shot. So glad I did.

It's gritty and gray. The rebel side isn't portrayed as the end all be all good guys; it's dirty, it's layered, and it's not the cohesive unit you see in the earlier films. Conversly, the empire isn't shown as the overwhelming monster either. There's some compassion... This I love.

What drives me insane is that stupid Syril character. People absolutely rave about this guy and the character, and I just don't get it. The gung-ho bootlicker company man lives with his mother, insecure yet overconfident... just completely irritates me. His counterpart in the show is equally annoying.

In a series that has such relatable elements, the hard decisions, emotion, mistakes, suffering, sadness, complicated relationships, selfishness, etc. These clowns just don't bring anything I can relate to or care about to the narrative.
castlevania was difficult for sure... there's a brick wall i run into late game that I just can't get past, even taking advantage of the rewind function on the anniversary collection i haven't been able to get past it. Super frustrating!
I absolutely hated that level when that game was new, matter of fact I never revisited the game until the Cowabunga Collection just because of said level.

This time around it didn't seem so hard. I "cheated" and looked at a map because always ran out of time back tracking. As a kid, getting killed a billion times trying to sketch out a map was part of it. Unless Nintendo Power had a map you were completely blind. If there was one back then, I must have missed that issue or it was on the back of one of the posters hanging in my room.
I like a lot of the pong derivatives and can stand games like centipede and space invaders but the atari console versions are far inferior. I keep trying to love Atari but I just can't. I do like the game art, and the collectability as well as accessibility of the pre jag stuff but every single time i've built up an atari collection i've sold it off. With that said, I still purchased the switch version of this and it should be here tonight. Still trying I guess.
Now that I think about it I can't recall seeing one in a store. I see xbox s a lot, but the other current gen systems are still mia
I preordered a looong time ago, prolly overspent by 10 bucks