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Amazon Luna - Did anyone get the Early Access

Started by BLUEVOODU, February 05, 2021, 12:59:12 PM

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Has anyone requested and received early access to Amazon Luna?
amazon Luna -

Here is a list of compatible devices:
Amazon Luna Compatible Devices and Browsers -

I guess it's another cloud service... but I'm curious if it's work it.  So far $6 per month. 

If you haven't tried it... are you interested or think you will try it?


If it came with amazon I'd try it, I'm not paying another monthly subscription for anything!

If they keep coming out with streaming services there'll be another reckoning, akin to cable cutting... stream stopping, damming... I'll leave the phrasing to people with more wit than I.

Cable cutting became a cost cutting measure. Cable had a nice regional monopoly situation going on and it got more and more expensive as time went on. Netflix, Hulu, etc. came out with much cheaper options (I'm sure you guys don't need a history lesson) and cable didn't adapt quick enough so it lost out, big time. Now the other end of that looks to be happening. On top of Netflix, prime, Hulu, etc. ruling the space the stinking networks are starting their own. If i wanna watch Picard i have to have CBS all access, game of thrones - some sort of hbo, saved by the bell, peacock... pretty soon you'll be having to juggle many streaming services to keep up with your favorites, and at 6 bucks a clip per month per network that'll get cable expensive quick... not to mention more of a hassle. The older generation aren't going to be able to keep up with the tech and the younger generations are too busy working 4 jobs to afford their tiny home.

Managing all this is going to be a nightmare. Imagine if when TV first came out you had to buy different TVs for each channel, or for small clusters of channels. I feel like that scenario is looming. Its not quite that bad, at least not in the tv space. One media player can typically play a ton of services, but bouncing back and forth, keeping up with inventories, etc. If you could load everything into one easy to navigate guide channel and search from there, seamlessly bouncing from service to service...

Now with gaming... Amazon, Apple, Stadia, Amico coming soon, Atari is back, and of course there's the big 3. Heck it was only a few generations back the world couldn't support a fourth major player, and forget about the players we lost in the fourth and fifth generations (neo geo, cdi, 3d0, Atari) spreading the market share around so much seems like it would limit available resources in turn eroding quality in some way.

retro junkie

I cut the cord a loooooong time ago. I have an outdoor TV antenna. I pick up over fifty local channels, all digital with about half in HD. But with the internet, and over time, somehow, viewing habits change. My family and I spend more time streaming content than actually viewing anything local. It really didn't start out that way. And we just don't spend a lot of time in front of the TV.
Recently I have been evaluating those streaming services like Netflix, which is presently on the chopping block. They continue to raise monthly rates and I am looking very hard at what I am actually watching from them. Some of the things I can obtain from ebay for about $6 per season, free ship, old TV series. I have liked some of their original content, but waiting several years in between seasons, you tend to forget what you are waiting for. And what you warmed up to gets cold.
My Family and I have been focused on things from Youtube, Roku channel, Pandora, and some content from Pluto. That seems to be where we are at. And with me looking at retirement this year, this summer, my funds will be limited and fixed.
Luna looks to be a game orientated streaming service with what looks like a reasonable monthly rate. But that just does not appeal to me at the moment. A gaming service like that has never appealed to me. It has been very rare for me in the past to ever do any gaming online. I really don't know why but I have no interest in that type of gaming.
After I retire this year, I will probably see what limits I have to put on the amount of streaming services we keep. And review each, juggling, what is kept, and what goes, and what new one we want to try. You have to keep these things under control, or before you know it, the price will be up there with that dinosaur cable bill.
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@targetrasp @retro junkie  - I agree... I opted not to do this as well. I was tempted to try it... but once I saw they were going to charge as opposed to just a chance to test it out... I didn't feel like joining at this time.  It was a good decision as I don't have enough time to finish what I have at this point in my life.  That's frustrating... but life is life right now  ;D