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2021 Thanksgiving / Black Friday weekend gaming?

Started by Grindspine, November 24, 2021, 07:46:34 AM

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Is anyone planning on hitting some serious game time this holiday weekend?


Yo! @Grindspine - let me see if I can get away for a tad bit of gaming.  Not sure at this time. 

What are you looking to play?  Man.. I haven't played of games in awhile.  Those aren't up to date... but switch and other stuff should be ready.   I'll let you know.

retro junkie

Tomorrow I will be taste tester and helper while in between playing Bomberman 64. It is the Japan arcade edition that never came to the states. I think it was Japan only for the Nintendo 64. It is my favorite version of the game for the N64 because it looks graphically like the traditional game. Tomorrow I will have my Japanese N64 fired up.
there is no spoon


Let's see...

I did finish the McCree, I mean, Cole Cassidy Overwatch challenge this week. 

Last weekend I played a bit of Super Mario World on my SNES and Sony WEGA 27" CRT TV.  I followed that with a bit of Gradius IV on the PS2.

The only other game I have been playing is Skyrim Special Edition, that is mostly for the fishing quests added in the 10 year anniversary update.

Blizzard and Steam have a TON of sales right now.  I am strongly considering Doom: Eternal and Jedi: Fallen Order for PC since I can run those with my Core i7 now.


Played The Outer Worlds over the weekend. Finished the Peril on Gorgon DLC and now hoping to finish it within the week. Want to move on to Death Stranding.