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Designated Survivor
« on: May 13, 2022, 10:30:55 AM »
We started binging Designated Survivor... and I'm glad I waited until we dug into the 3rd season to post this.

Man... season 1 and 2 was really really good.   Dare I say 24-ish, it had great feel, dialogue, story...etc.   I highly suggest watching season 1 and 2.  Then rolls in season 3.  We were so pumped to watch it.  They decided to add cussing, other mature content, and literally trashed the show with bad writing and pieces that we pushed and out of place.  I get cussing and certain content... but when it's done in such an awkward forced fashion... it's really immature and that's exactly what the show did.  It was like an immature writer picked up the story (at Netflix) and  started painting their narrative into an already well done show. 

A couple examples that did it right --> the Big Short, Hitman's Body Guard.  There are many other great examples.  Season 3... flubbed so hard for us.. we stopped watching it.  This is super disappointing as we were all in to season 1 and 2.

If you try it and like season 3, I'm glad you found something you like.  I cannot recommend the show anymore  though... except season 1 and 2 were extremely well done.

Have you seen Designated Survivor?  What did you think?