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Title: Cloud Gaming - The Future of Gaming?
Post by: BLUEVOODU on April 11, 2020, 01:39:49 PM
IN THE CLOUD...  It's been the slogan for data centers, applications / Software (SaaS), services, infrastructure (IaaS), and many other aspects of IT.   Now we have Gaming in the cloud.. or Gaming as a Service (GaaS)?  Is this the future?

This is more than just a Steam platform... this is essentially taking the hardware and processing of the game out of your living room, console/PC... and placing it in the hands of those running the cloud service.   You just have a monitor device and "controller" to connect to that service... and your monitor / screen  just feeds you the visual of what's happening.  All the processing of the game happens in someone else's datacenter.   It's certainly different... but that means entire monthly service contracts to use the service instead of owning the console or pc.  Certain services are gaining more popularity... but this hasn't fully entered the main stream yet.

What are your thoughts?  Is this the way of the future?  It certainly is for many companies moving their datacenters and workloads into the cloud.   But what about gaming?

Thoughts, comments?  Post it up!
Title: Re: Cloud Gaming - The Future of Gaming?
Post by: retro junkie on April 11, 2020, 08:01:42 PM
I had to really think about this. This type of gaming is totally dependent on the quality of your internet connection. Which is based on location in many cases. Where I live, the city is the best you can get. Outside our city limits it gets hairy to none. Many in our rural areas can't even get a cell phone signal.
I think this is the push of the industry and I think it appeals to younger gamers. I do not think that it is practical unless 5G is the magic wand. As time progresses and the support grows for 5G it is supposed to revolutionize everything.
I personally have no plans of my own to ever take advantage of anything where I can't hold it in my hands. Just the type of gamer that I am, stuck in retro gaming.
I really don't see much how cloud gaming would effect consoles. You are maybe talking about a brand name offering games that will no longer be cross-platform. Maybe specific licensing. When I think about the consoles it brings back memories of VHS and Beta Max. Every manufacturer offered their VHS player.
Title: Re: Cloud Gaming - The Future of Gaming?
Post by: BLUEVOODU on April 12, 2020, 01:43:30 PM
@retro junkie  it really does appeal more to younger generations. Many do not want the inconvenience of housing and storing tons of physical games and more-so lately... I understand this. I've always been a game hoarder.   But in the last 10 years... my steam library grew faster and more than any of my physical collections. I've even contemplated getting rid of other game collections I've acquired - i.e. my Sega Saturn. 

You make good points on the connection speeds.  And I really think this is improving across the nation in most places.  More improvement is required though.

This definitely has some appeal and I hope they deal with how to play games offline.  Maybe that's not a concern for many gamers anymore.  I've always liked an option to play offline in case.  There also some times I just don't want to play online. But most Blizzard games and many other platforms require you to have a constant connection.

I'm interested to see how Cloud Gaming progresses. There's a good chance for it to take off.