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So this was last year... and I ran across a couple cool Youtube videos.

The below video is from the iPhone launch Video... it's interesting how they made a physical keyboard look like such a bad thing... keep this in mind for later:

CNN Released a 10 years Later iPhone Video.  I Don't like a lot of CNN articles/news these days (this is coming from someone that grew up with CNN Headline News)... but this was definitely a good video lol.  I LOVE the reactions of the Senior engineer and how he HONESTLY talks about the iPhone and issues.  These are the things you don't see in the 1st video I linked from 2007... what a sales job Steve Jobs did.

Such a crazy thing... based off this... the keyboard on Cell phones died.  It also changed the perceptions of all people (especially younger generations) that keyboards meant "Out of date" technology... no matter how inaccurate the touch screen is. 

To this day, I think Apple and IOS has the best touch screen, most accurate, and the amount of incorrect corrections are minimized.   Android... I'm still having some troubles in this area and I'm looking for ways to operate with autocorrect  / prediction off.   These are things you didn't have to worry about as much.    Though I do not agree with Jobs on the rest of the smart phones being dumb lol.   But that was the right plat at the right time...  good play sir... good play.

Blackberry proceeded to miscalculate the importance of apps.  Palm Died.  The remainder of the cell phone market was thrown up in the air.  Now at the other end of the spectrum... Apple is facing increased competition with Android.  Android has technically taken over the market.

I wrote a small review on the BlackBerry Touch from this year.  It's actually a pretty decent phone.  I don't think it will persuade many people, but it's android based.  It's not the most powerful phone out there but comes with many of the BlackBerry tools / software people have grown to love.

Post up your thoughts and comments... It's pretty cool to go back and review these events.

OK ... we've had several topics on Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.   I picked it up and we have it installed and are playing it.  It's super fast and super slick.  Some of the controls with the 2 controllers separate from the console can be a little hard to get used to.  I want to try out the pro controller to see if it's a lot better.

The following is really cool:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Once you beat classic mode, you play a SHMUP to shoot all the credits.  You know from original games, you would "beat up" the credits ...etc... well now you play a SHMUP lol. 

It's pretty fun!

You only start with 8 characters... so you will have to earn / buy all those characters!  There are a ton of them - 74-76 of them depending on how you count them.

Who picked theirs up?  We should get CDG members together to play this.  Post it up!

Other Super Smash Bros Ultimate Topics:
Smash Bros Ultimate - Secret
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I think I'm picking this up from Best Buy today.  It's $40 with the steel book for the standard edition.   I am buying the Playstation 4 version this time due to issues with Battlefield 1 PC and the dying crowd.  @SpartanEvolved and I could never find a match after a certain point.... but @Aya-Kun could still find Battlefield 1 Playstation 4 matches.  Even today there is a better community.

Is anyone else picking it up?  @targetrasp @CreepinDeth ?

It would be cool to get a few playing if possible.

We've discussed Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch@targetrasp @Kinikko and others really dig the game.  But How does Breath of the Wild compare on the Wii U?  What are the differences?

I noticed it is currently for sale at Best Buy.. and I was thinking of picking up a copy cheap.  If anyone remembers... the Twilight Princess was released on the Gamecube and Wii.. The Gamecube version became somewhat of a collectors item.

Linky: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Wii U -  Now... it's currently $34 and it's a bit tempting.   I know the Wii U version didn't have near as many sold... even though 1.5 Million copies were sold as of August 2018 (I believe the number is).

SO what are your thoughts?  Should this be in a collection for increasing value?  Post it up!

LOL... I had to laugh at these.  So... I noticed at Gamestop, they are on Sale.  I was actually tempted ... not sure why...  But I didn't buy.

Linky is here: Giant Robot Slippers with Sound - By ThinkGeek  -

Here's a brief video on what they do - the last 15 seconds of foot tapping is my favorite.  The sound somewhat reminds me of the Cyberdemon in Doom 2 ( @Jack lol):

Anyone try these? LOL...  They look like they would be a great gift for certain gamers.  post it up! ;D

Per our regular yearly tradition, @mastermario @Grindspine and @SpartanEvolved gamed.  Unfortunately, Instead of a Thanksgiving Lan...  We used to play from after dinner... all night.   So this year, Grindspine and I started out with Diablo 3... then Mastermario, ComradGC (Gamecube lol) and I played 2.5 hours of Overwatch.

How many of you have Overwatch?  Check in at the Overwatch Topic   I'm going to try to organize some people to get together. 
@targetrasp@Jack@Zidart ?

General Discussion / Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 22, 2018, 09:21:35 AM »
Happy Thanksgiving!  -  I hope you all have a nice day to relax, Game, and/or take a nap  ;D

Drop by and say hi... especially if you haven't been here in awhile.  We would like to hear from you.


General Discussion / Happy Early Birthday - Kinikko!
« on: November 19, 2018, 05:48:56 PM »
Happy Early Birthday, @Kinikko !!  Enjoy the digital cake on your real birthday LOL.

If you get video game gifts... post up what you got!  ;D

I received an email from Sony.. Did anyone else see this?

Hello bluevoodu,

We wanted to update you on a planned service shut down, which impacts online access for Warhawk, Twisted Metal, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, and Sound Shapes. This has now been extended to January 31, 2019 at 12:00 AM PT.

Following this shutdown, Warhawk will no longer be playable unless <a href="">the PS3 system is set to LAN mode for local network play[/url].  For Twisted Metal and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, users can play the campaign offline as well as local (couch) multiplayer in split screen mode. For Sound Shapes, users will be able to play the campaign and all DLC purchases as well as create their own levels, however, users won’t be able to share their levels with the community or download community created levels.

This brings up the discussion again about achievements you cannot obtain anymore:
Trophies, Gamerscores, and Achievements you can no longer Attain

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!

As the topic states - What are your favorite Diablo 3 Armor Sets and Builds You've Done?    There's been many new builds ever since the Reaper of Souls Expansion.  IF you don't have full builds... post up your favorite weapon, armor, or item(S) with stats.

Post up your Media / screen shots to show.  Feel free to link up information pages from, Blizzard...etc.

Post it up!

General Discussion / The Metal Thread!
« on: November 17, 2018, 01:24:29 PM »
OK - Looks like I'm starting it up!    This is the Metal Thread!   We mentioned Creating this in the Roms, Emulation, and Nintendo topic.

@targetrasp @CreepinDeth @Grindspine - let's kick it off!  Not exactly sure where the topic will go.. but steer ahead!

I've been listing to Megadeth, Fear Factory, and Unearth a lot lately.     

I'm on right now … playing black out right now.  Join up if you with.  I could switch to a Team Death Match too.

While I haven't found great deals yet - mostly subpar so far...  Please Share up your deals that you find so that we may partake!  Be awesome to your fellow gamer and share  ;D

If I find anything awesome, I will be posting them up as well.

Create new threads for the deals.  POst it up!

I'm looking to get a few games going tomorrow

Looking into:
Diablo 3 - PC
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 - PS4
StarCraft2 - PC
Alien Swarm Reactive Drop (Free STeam Coop game) - PC

The Maybe Rotation:
Left 4 Dead 2 PC
Player Unknown's Battle Ground - PC
Phantasy Star Online - PC --> Trying to get @mastermario to make a topic for where to download, how to setup, and we get a few members rolling on this

AND down for other Suggestions.

Anyone available tomorrow?  I Will need to get times - please let me know good times and games.

@targetrasp @Jack @Grindspine @SpartanEvolved @mastermario

Post it up!

I noticed this on Nintendo's site.   Gris - Indie game... and it looks really interesting and good.  The sound is awesome (in the trailer)… and are is very cool.  Hopefully the game play in actuality is as awesome as it looks:
Gorgeous indie game GRIS launches for Nintendo Switch on Dec. 13 -

Check this trailer out... it looks really good!  While I do not know a lot about the story of this game, I'd like to try it out and learn a bit more.  Again... that Art style... and music...

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

In our semi-hijacked thread created by @retro junkie Roms, Emulation, and Nintendo, we started to discuss Nintendo Ending functionality for the Nintendo Wii.

As of January 30, 2019... Nintendo is closing down the Wii Shop Reminder: Wii Shop closes January 30, 2019 -  The Official announcement was made in September 2017 - Wii Shop closure announcement -  Funny enough... there are 668 Facebook likes on that article at the time of this post.

ALSO close is the Streaming Services on the Nintendo Wii... most notably - Netflix. There are many articles out there... here's one from Engadget - Wii Shop closure announcement -

I have to say... I'm amazed it lasted this long.  Production ended in 2013... so... 5-6ish years later, these services are ending.  HOWEVER, I'm a bit disappointed in you Nintendo.  It appears we have to jump through hoops to get our Virtual Console games to the Wii U before the Wii Shop closes.   Then... I have yet to figure out how to get them to the Nintendo Switch - if that's even possible.  It would be cool if there's a way for the shop to instantly transfer to the Switch and bypass the transfer.  There should be a way to unlock those transactions so they become account based and not device based like they were on the Wii.  I know I had an issue with the Wii Transfer back 2-3 years ago when I purchased a Wii U... it had something to do with the account.  I don't remember exactly what it was, but the transfer wouldn't work.  Hopefully that can be worked out as I have 10-15 great Virtual Console / Wii shop games - Sin and Punishment... amongst many others.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

Cell Phone / Tablet / Portable Gaming and Hardware / Pokémon Go! Revisited
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:12:00 PM »
A couple years ago, Pokémon Go arrived and everyone was addicted.  It was one of the most popular Cell Phone / mobile games.  At the time, the game caught 5 new world records - Pokémon Go - Guiness Book of World Records.  Gamers were walking about trying to find the Pokémon around the street... and capture them.   Pokémon Go came and went... the game died off quickly after a series of updates that were seemingly unpopular.  However, it appears gamers are talking about this game again.

If I remember correctly, @Mai Valentine and @Kinikko used to play.  Does anyone else currently play or have you recently got back into the game?   Does this game and style of game still appeal to anyone?

Comments?  Thoughts?  Post it up!

I ended up buying this game for the PlayStation 4 and Vita from the PlayStation Store.  I wanted the physical copy, but it was more than I wanted to spend.  There are a couple versions of the game for sale:

Super Hydorah Limited Classic Edition - Playstation 4 (Limited Run Games) -
  • Limited to 2,000 copies available worldwide. Region free.
  • Includes game and SNES-inspired outer box, CD soundtrack, and 18 x 24 inch fold-out poster.

Super Hydorah - Playstation 4 (Limited Run Games) -

Super Hydorah Limited Run #149 -PS Vita -

This game is quite a bit like Gradius Galaxies - for the GBA I think it is.  The 1st few waves of enemies are almost identical.  Muscle memory kicked in … it was weird. Reminded me exactly of Gradius…. but other parts of the game are 100% unique.  I posted this somewhere on a steam comment as well.

Here is the steam store link:
Super Hydorah -

Also, here's the Abylight Studios link:
Super Hydorah -

If you're a Shmup fan, this game is worth a try.  I Think I bought it on PlayStation Network for $12 something... I Could be wrong on that.  I don't normally see it under $20.  Obviously you'll have to pay upwards $60-100 for physical copies... and the Super Nintendo Box version looks pretty cool.  I'm definitely a Shmup fan... and the Gradius style is a lot of fun.  The weapons system is different.  There are a lot of other differences as well - and enough to keep any Shmup fan interested for a long time.  I hope they keep making more titles like this.  It seems we have had a resurgence of Shmup titles.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

None of these links go to our site's credit.  If you purchase, please use the ads above.

General Discussion / What was your 1st Arcade Experience?
« on: November 12, 2018, 08:46:04 PM »
Good... Bad... or indifferent - it doesn't have to be the most mind blowing experience you had (This topic will come later)… what was your 1st Arcade experience?

We are continuing the Arcade Discussion... Also, please see the If You Could Buy 1 Arcade Cabinet Right now - What would you Buy? topic and post up.

Comments? Thoughts?  Post it up!

FortNite / FortNite Cross Play works well Now
« on: November 10, 2018, 09:46:33 PM »
As mentioned in the FortNite PS4 - How many of you play? topic... Cross play has been working well lately.

We have now tested... PlayStation 4 playing with Cell Phone, Switch, AND Xbox One.  They all work together.  FortNite is not my favorite game... but it is fun to get a squad together here and there to play.  It's interesting that so many platforms play well together.  Honestly... this should be how gaming comes together online.

Also, since Nintendo Switch Online is active... you do not have to pay for Nintendo Switch online to play FortNite online on the Switch.   FYI.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

If anyone played the old Arma 2 Dayz Mod... you probably felt the excitement once Dayz Standalone was announce and then released.   Months and years went by... still in Alpha... adding weapons and miscellaneous items that just didn't make sense or add to the game.  Honestly... I thought this game was going to stay in Alpha and end up being one of the Early Release games that just die.    This game lost all its support and fan base has dwindled.

NOW... on November 7... it's announced that Dayz exits Alpha and enters Beta with a large update:
DayZ finally enters beta and rolls out some early mod tools -

SAY WUT?!??!   This came out of no where... at least for me.  I quit watching releases of Dayz news a long time ago.  Is there hope?  I don't know.  I just re-downloaded the game and I'm going to check it out

Who used to play the Arma 2 Dayz Mod?   Who has trolled around in Dayz Standalone?

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

If You Could Buy 1 Arcade Cabinet Right now ... What would you Buy?     Not sure if I would say unlimited funds... but what the heck.  If you had the choice of 1 Arcade cabinet right now and you could get it, what would you get?

Post it up!  Feel Free to post up Links and Media.

General Discussion / Does anyone Buy into the Loot Crates on
« on: November 08, 2018, 06:09:55 PM »
Some of them are pretty cool.  They've had Star Wars and other themes.

For example:
Loot Crate -

This batch comes with a bunch of Popculture stuff:
•  4+ items from your favorite pop culture franchises. Unbox epic collectibles from the best movies, TV shows, comics, video games & more!
•  $45+ MSRP value in every crate. Get more geeky bang for your buck!
•  Licensed & exclusive collectibles, gear, figures & more. Our fandom specialists are always hard at work researching and brainstorming new products!
•  Fun surprises! Look forward to a new mystery crate every month with Loot Crate.
•  Guaranteed t-shirt in every crate. Outfit your wardrobe with awesome pop culture tees!

I haven't bought into these.. but the Star Wars Loot Crate boxes were really cool.  They would be fun for Birthday Gifts as well... though it is a lot of new stuff just sitting around lol.

Thoughts?  comments?  Post it up!

Shameless Plug - If you buy these for someone or yourself, please use our Ads in the header as the site will get credit and that helps with hosting.

There are a lot of choices ... what are your top 10 Retro Gaming BoxArt / Case Art?    It's hard to narrow to just 10.

Post it up - Use links or post pictures from your social / media sites (Instagram...etc).   Don't use the attach feature for this one.

This is the topic of the week and was announced.  If you haven't been here in awhile, drop by, post up, and say hi!  We want to hear from you!

You pay for the print and features, that's for sure... but it's a cool Collectors Edition Guide for a current $70.29.  Right now on, there is an addition $4.31 off as well for the Fallout 76: Prima Official Platinum Edition Guide.

Fallout 76: Prima Official Platinum Edition Guide -

Personally I cannot see myself buying a strategy guide for $70.... not sure if anyone else thinks it is worth it or not. 

What are you thoughts?  Post it up!

Images are below:

Did anyone see this Crazy Limited Edition --> Darksiders III - PlayStation 4 Apocalypse Edition??

Look at this thing:

There are a number of bonus items... but has this listed at $350. 
Darksiders III - PlayStation 4 Apocalypse Edition -

Is it worth it?   This has to be one of the larger amount of items included in a special edition release.  The box is pretty large as well at just shy of 4 feet long.  I only saw a PlayStation4 version... but according to image, there is an Xbox One version as well.   

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!

I have to revisit this one:

Current prices appear to be about $12-13k for the 77" version of this LG Signature TV --> LG OLED77W8P 77" 4k TV 2160P - Wallpaper OLED - Smart TV - UHD - HDR.  I was trying to get a link to the LG site... but it's not loading so far.  Must be for the high demand of this TV  ;D

UPDATE - I was able to get to the site now:
lg-OLED77W7P-signature-oled-4k-tv -

This TV looks pretty cool and  in one of the comments he states "the TV is a little flexible."  I've seen this with Nokia test smart phones way many years back.  They were developing flexible screens.. though this never actually came out on the Nokia phones.   They had the tech though.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

So far, this is a Japanese only launch and it looks really cool.  There are 4 games in the standard edition for $50:

  • Darius (Arcade)
  • Darius II (Arcade)
  • Sagaia (Arcade) *Darius II Overseas Version
  • Darius Gaiden (Arcade)

And 9 games in the Special Edition $210.

  • Darius (Arcade)
  • Darius II (Arade)
  • Sagaia (Arcade) Darius II Overseas Version
  • Darius Gaiden (Arcade)
  • Darius Twin (Super Famicom)
  • Darius Force (Super Famicom)
  • Sagaia (Sega Master System)
  • Darius II (Mega Drive)
  • Darius Alpha (PC Engine)

Darius Cozmic Collection -

Darius Cozmic Collection (Special Edition) [Limited Edition] -

Now... the Special Edition is something that peaked my curiosity.  I really want it... but it costs $210 from as it is.   According to what I read, pricing on it should be 16,800 Yen or $143-145ish depending on currency. 

According to this Limited Run Thread for Darius Cozmic Collection (NSW) and the following twitter post [Preorder] Darius Cozmic Collection back up for preorder... the games are all supposed to be on the Nintendo Switch Cartridge as opposed to download some of them later.  This brings in the speculation that they may not be offered later.

Some people were stating $210 is a good price due to the current cost of those titles... some spike to $100 alone.  I really want this... but $210 is hefty.  It is a really cool collection of games.

What are you thoughts?  Anyone else excited for this title?

Whether it's due to low supply,  hard to find, a brand new copy years later,  or you just wanted it and the game cost more at that time ... what have you bought that you paid top dollar for?

Maybe you bought a much more expensive physical copy when the digital copy is $5 cheap.  We've all done it... you know you're guilty lol...  and I'm thinking about a Shmup for the VITA right now.   I'll post up on that in the near future.

Post it up!

There have been several versions launched.   What Version do you own?   I ended up buying the 1st gen model and then added the 64GB memory card... which I believe was only released in Japan.  I found it absolutely necessary to get the 64GB memory card to hold all the games.  As that filled up, I started deleting games after I platinum'd the games.  What did you find works best and what did you like the best?

We've talked about Sony Re-entering the market in this thread - Check those out as well:
Will Sony Enter the Handheld Market again? PS Vita Successor?
Sony - PS Vita - Who has one and still plays?

We need to do a few more PlayStation Vita Topics and cover those games.

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!

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