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Looks like more Studio Drama:

Sony Addresses Drama With Disney Over Spider-Man Rights and Departure from Marvel Cinematic Universe - ET

I figured this would happen again and there would be another rift.  It was amazing some of these studios were coming and working together as long as they did.  Looks like that may be coming to an end.

The claims of both studios are interesting... I wonder what it is... time, money, or both?  Here's to hope they can work it out and re-unite.  I think everyone wins... and hopefully both companies can do it for the better of the story lines and movies.

Thoughts? Comments?   Post it up!

There are 4 new PlayStation controllers coming out :

Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, Titanium Blue, and Rose Gold DS4.  There is also a Gold Headset coming out.


I'm a sucker for extra controllers ... I'm generally replacing my main every 2 years as well.  Anyone else looking at these?  What are you favorite colors so far.

Post it up! 

This is a pretty cool article. It's about time on chip / board graphics are getting a boost. As the article states... the performance has been nearly flat for years.. And now, they've come out with about double the performance. Is about time.

Now.. I'd like to see what you could do gaming wise with this.  It makes sense though.

Here's the article:
Intel's Gen 11 graphics has improved so much, we may have to stop making jokes about it -

What are your thoughts?   Post it up!

Lol ... so I guess it's fair to say... don't  piss off Zelda fans.

Kotaku has a pretty interesting article:
Zelda Fans Protest, Smash PS4 Over Very Similar Chinese Game -

It appears there's  a game in China that will be released called  Genshin Impact ... it has very striking similarities to Zelda Breath of the Wild.  Boy... did Zelda fans have a negative reaction.   

Check out the article. Comments, thoughts?  Post it up!

PC Rigs, Builds, and Peripheral Devices / The Linux Log Topic
« on: August 09, 2019, 05:26:02 PM »
SOOO.... where do you go for your logs when there is an issue?

IT's big, it's heavy... it's wood.  IT's log... lol  ;D

I found a pretty good article on Linux Logs.   I've been working to learn this better and in more depth.  I accomplished my 1st 2 Linux certs... but they do not teach you everything.  They are good for forcing learning, but you really need to re-enforce that learning with more practice and experience.  Keep digging and keep hitting your head against the proverbial wall.

This is the article I dug.  I know there are MANY different Linux and Unix flavors and variants… but we have to start some where... and This is where we are starting:

20 Linux Log Files that are Located under /var/log Directory -

Now... you may know the most logs are located under /var/log/… great...  but keep in mind, some businesses / admins change those up.    More on this later.

Thoughts? Comments?  questions?   Post it up!  Continue the Linux Discussion.

I'm a bit excited about both games!

Sniper Elite 4 and Wipeout Omega Collection.  ESPECIALLY excited about Sniper Elite 4... I love the Sniper Elite series.

Who else is downloading these?

Post it up!

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Grindspine!
« on: July 28, 2019, 01:05:05 PM »
Happy Birthday @Grindspine  - Good times last night lol.

I Thought I already created this topic at work  ???  HOWEVER... enjoy your digital cake!! Omm nomm nomm.  lol

We should have a gaming today for Raiden on the PS4 btw. Maybe 2 weeks from yesterday.

Right now on last day. 

$20 - pretty good price

Overwatch Legendary Edition - PlayStation 4 -

Kingdome Hearts III - PlayStation 4 - Prime Day Deal 

$20.  I think I'm picking this one up.

Kingdom Hearts III - PlayStation 4 -

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Playstation4 - Prime Day Deal

$20.  This game is pretty fun.

Go here and search for the game title.

Overwatch Legendary Edition PC - Prime Day Deal.

$20. Download Code

Go here and search for Overwatch PC:

Gaming / Movie / Media Deals / Anthem - PC - Prime Day Deal
« on: July 15, 2019, 11:07:38 PM »
Right now on Amazon... go here and Search for Anthem PC:

$20.  Online Game Code.

I believe @Jack said this was a pretty good game.

The 2019 topic!   I ABSOLUTELY missed this one...  I Think it's the 1st time in 9-10 years I missed the Steam sale.   

However, what did you end up adding to your Steam Library?  Post it up!

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Turbo Grafx-16 Mini Pre-Order
« on: July 14, 2019, 10:01:16 PM »
I will use this topic for the pre-order.  You can also use the Prime Day link in General in the Prime Day topic.

As of right now, I don't see the Pre-Order Link / product page for the Turbo Grafx-16 Mini.  There are Hori Controllers and other products out there.

Turbo Grafx-16 Mini Pre-Order items:

Release Date: March 19, 2020

I'm definitely pre-ordering tomorrow... I've dug many games on the Turbo Grafx and Duo.  It would be cool if they offered a Duo version in the future.

I'm pretty excited for this title.  It appears to be a re-imagined Link's Awakening.   I never did play much of the NES version... and I'm wondering if they're going to expand on it... or stick to the original story line.  I haven't reviewed a TON of the information out there yet.

It comes out September 20, 2019.

  • As Link, explore a reimagined Koholint Island and collect instruments to awaken the Wind Fish to find a way home
  • Explore numerous dungeons, riddled with tricks, traps, and enemies, including some from the Super Mario series
  • Meet and interact with unique locals to get help on your adventure
  • Listen to a reawakened soundtrack that helps bring life to Koholint Island
  • Earn Chambers (Dungeon Rooms) and arrange them to complete objectives in the all-new Chamber Dungeon.

Link to product:
Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening - Nintendo Switch -

There's a cool Special Edition with a sweet art book... but It doesn't appear to be available at this time and not sure when it will be available for pre-order.  Hopefully it's not already sold out.  I'm a sucker for some of this stuff in the Zelda Realm. I
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Dreamer Edition - Nintendo Switch -

I think this will be a cool title... I have nearly all main release Zelda games (not CD-I titles)… and Breath of the Wild yet.  I might need to pick that up as well.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

This version of iPad isn't as sleek as the Pro iPad... but those looking to get a good iPad for decent price, Amazon is having a sale on Apple iPads.  I noticed this in investment financial news... and this is an abnormal sale.  Normally Apple products don't go on sale.. and I haven't seen the sale at other stores. To be fair.. I'm not sure how Amazon is doing this and or Apple is allowing it. The financial investment site noted it was a bit bizarre too.

With that... if your kids need one for School, if you just want one... or are giving a gift.. this specific 128 GB iPad is $329... which is about $100 off.  The iPad pros are on sale as well if that floats your boat.   I highly recommend this version on a budget.  128GB is still plenty of storage for most everything you need to do... unless you are storing tons of videos or making tons of your own stop animation.  At that point, you would store those off site.   Either way, this is a solid piece... if you are looking for the functionality of an iPad.

Link to product:
Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 128GB) - Space Gray (Latest Model)  -

Thoughts?  comments?  Post it up!

yeah... still on my Wii U kick.  On one of @retro junkie 's threads, I posted the link to for Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard - Nintendo Wii U.  The price has dropped under $11 now... and I figure this price won't last a super long time.  I could be wrong.   This isn't my favorite Star Fox.  I still really like the flying only Star Fox games... but I give them credit for trying this out.

It's actually pretty fun.  Reviews don't give it justice and there seems to be a lot of hate for this game.  Whether you're a collector or gamer, you should think about getting this game brand new Sub $11... for the standard edition (not Player's Choice).  It includes Star Fox Guard that is something like Tower Defense... but I don't have a lot of play time in Guard.

If you have played this game... post up your experience with it.

Link to product:
Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard - Nintendo Wii U -

Comments... thoughts?  Post it up!

I picked this up already.  The Mario Tennis games have always been fun in my opinion.  Has anyone else played the Wii U version?

I couldn't believe when I saw this game at $14 on Amazon while searching for other games... I figured I'd post this here as a topic of discussion and to let people know.  In the past, it was hard to find Mario Tennis for reduced pricing... and it's not the Player's Choice version.

Link to Product on Amazon:
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash - Wii U -

Thoughts, comments.. post it up!  If you do pick this game up, let us know!

I remember @Grindspine saying how good this game is.   I originally was going to purchase it on steam... you can find it a tad cheaper there.  Obviously, it's not a physical copy though.   I'm looking at picking up a copy of Giana Sisters Twisted Dream Directors Cut - Wii U at the $10ish price new... and I found a couple on  Why?  I'd like the physical copy.

How well does this stack up to the PC version?  Pretty much play and look the same?  Everything I see in the reviews seems to point this is a good version to own.

Here is the product link on
Giana Sisters Twisted Dream Directors Cut - Wii U -

Just an fyi to anyone else looking for cheap Wii U games.  This might be up your ally.  If you've played it, post up your opinions!

Man... On a Wii U kick tonight browsing Amazon.  Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - Nintendo Wii U right now is $7ish for a new copy.    I'm very tempted to pick this up and store it back for awhile or break it out later this summer.

The reviews look OK... not super stellar... but it looks like there is decent play value.

Here's a link to the product on
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - Nintendo Wii U -

So this looks pretty cool... definitely a good price.  I think I'm going to pick up a copy to try it out... hard to go wrong with a Ninja Gaiden title for $7ish new.

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!

I've played a couple of the Darksiders games... but I've stuck mostly to the editions on Steam.  I believe I have Darksiders 1 and 2... and was starting to do achievements on Darksiders 2 a couple years back.   They seemed to be a fun hack and slash... I just became too busy to finish.

Has anyone played Darksiders: Warmastered Edition on the Wii U?  Is it pretty good on the Wii U format?  The reviews I saw stated this was a really good title for one of the last Wii U titles.

@retro junkie or @targetrasp  might be interested in this... it's definitely nice priced at Amazon.. like $10.99-ish brand new.  I like to pick up new games at that price.

If interested, the link is:
Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (Wii U) - Wii U -

I'm tempted to pick this up at the current price.  I'm not sure if it's a temporary sale or what.  Just a heads up to you gamers and game collectors.

Thoughts?  Comments? Post it up

General Discussion / Amazon Prime Day - Starts July 15, 2019
« on: July 09, 2019, 05:17:27 PM »
This will be a 2 day event.   If you shop with Amazon, please consider using our ads on the site.  You can click in the ads and navigate to whatever you want to buy.  The funds go to hosting and upgrade costs (mostly hosting right now).  I appreciate the help!

Who is looking forward to prime day?  There were a few good deals last year.  The event appears to be growing.  The 1st year didn't seem to have a lot of what I was looking for... but we will see what's up this year!

Here is the link to our "store.   Amazon Prime Day Links for Our Store

Post it up!

Announcements and FAQs / Dark Theme Added
« on: July 08, 2019, 12:42:00 AM »
The theme is not fully customized yet... so not everything is 100%.  However, you can select the sunrise theme.  This allow you to either select dark or light per your preference.  You will need to set this in your profile.  The new theme will have Steam and Discord links at the bottom of the forum.  Once customized, I will have them displayed in different areas. 

The default theme will continue to be Wide (vVide) for the time being.

Please let me know if there are any issues.

If you haven't been around or posted in awhile, please drop by... say hi and stay awhile.   We would like to hear from you.

- BV

This title is a bit exciting to me. I'm planning to pre-order it and throw it on my backlog for a bit.

It comes out 08/27/2019.  It includes Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana.

Features & details
  • Experience Trials of Mana (Originally released as Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan), localized for the first time in the West
  • All 3 games now include a convenient quick save feature
  • Adventure with friends utilizing a local multiplayer mode

If you're looking to pre-order, here's a link to amazon. The site gets credit for the sale for upgrades ...etc:
Collection of Mana - Nintendo Switch -

Comments,  questions...  post it up!

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Sega Genesis Mini - Pre-order
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:46:10 PM »
The Sega Genesis Mini was announced In @Grindspine 's topic:
Sega Genesis mini: it is happening!

I'm not sure if anyone is planning to pre-order,  but I setup links to for the pre-order in case anyone is interested.  The site gets credit for your pre-order:
Sega Genesis Mini - Genesis -

Key Features
  • Miniature SEGA Genesis replica
  • Includes 40 legendary games
  • Plug and play readyBox Contents
  • SEGA Genesis Mini Console & 2 wired controllers
  • 40 games- Power cable & USB adapter
  • HDMI cable

This is pretty cool...I know there were questions on the games. The full list is below including bonus games.

Announced Games

Wave 1: Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Space Harrier 2, Shining Force, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Toe Jam & Earl, Comix Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes.

Wave 2: Earthworm Jim, Castle of Illusion, Shinobi III, Contra: Hard Corps, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, World of Illusion, Thunder Force III, Super Fantasy Zone, Streets of Rage 2, Landstalkers.

Wave 3: Beyond Oasis, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Alex Kidd, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star IV, Street Fighter 2, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Sonic Spinball, Vectorman, Wonderboy in Monster World.

Wave 4: Virtua Fighter 2, Alisia Dragoon, Columns, Dynamite Headdy, Strider, Kid Chameleon, Light Crusader, Monster World IV, Eternal Champions, Road Rash II

Bonus Games: Tetris,Darius

This one may have me sold. Thoughts, comments ... Post it up!

It looks like there's an Enter The Gungeon: Deluxe Edition
cong out for the Nintendo Switch.  I'm going to host and post the marketing materials...  but there are some interesting game page paraphernalia included... basically stickers and Bullet Lin papercraft.

It comes out August 6, 2019 and will cost $30.  From the description:
  • The physical version of Enter the Gungeon includes all DLC, Exclusive “Shotgun Kin” Playable Skin, Exclusive Stickers, Exclusive Bullet Kin Paper craft, Reversible Jacket Artwork and a download code for the Original Soundtrack of Enter the Gungeon.

If you are looking to buy, here is an link - we get credit for purchases that help with site upgrades:

Enter The Gungeon: Deluxe Edition - Nintendo Switch -

I believe @Kinikko , @targetrasp , and @Jack were playing this game before. Anyone have their eye on Enter The Gungeon: Deluxe Edition?

Post it up!

Did anyone buy this game? 

We have a level sharing topic h below. Post up your levels :
Mario Maker 2: Course Sharing - Post Your Levels

If you didn't and are looking to buy, here are links - we get credit for purchases that help with site upgrades:

Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Switch -

Super Mario Maker 2 + Nintendo Switch Online 12-Month Individual Membership - Nintendo Switch -

Post it up!!

This is not super new news... but I Thought it was ridiculous.   The monitor itself has pretty nice specs...…. for $4999.  THEN the monitor STANDA costs $999... the Vesa mount alone is $199. Crazy.   I mean... that's gross even for Apple.

My favorite comment:
"Apple Charging $1000 for the stand for the new computer monitor!!  For the Stand.  At that price, the thing better be made of Vibranium straight from Wakanda courtesy of Stark Enterpirses."   LOL  :))

Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

This is interesting...  and I like it a lot.

.PS5 Players Can Play with PS4 Players Using Backwards Compatibility, Sony Confirms -

I'm glad at least some if the "backwards compatibility" is still here.

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!

Marvel Theory has a pretty cool video... I know it was released last year, but check this out if you have not.

Thoughts?   BTW... there are no spoilers to End Game in this video.    Post it up!

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