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can't even wall run and chew gum yet much less shoot someone in the face while doing it

LOL.. it's fun to slide and shoot people in the face as well.   Slide and melee... jump and melee... are all super satisfying!

I hope this game remains live for a lot longer.  It's a lot of fun... not sure how many times I can say that... but I'm up to a lot right now.

Its fun and all but there's soooooo many wall jumps necessary.. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare only actually made you do it twice in the campaign. I think I've wall ran / jumped more than I've killed people... maybe because I have to keep redoing them, but still...

You also get to kill people while wall jumping LOL  :))  Done that yet?

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Star Fox 2
« on: December 10, 2018, 09:10:11 PM »
ooo… I feel that's another dig @targetrasp

Get ready to play this weekend.   Diablo 3 and Titanfall that is... not Star Fox 2.  That would take incredible magic... as a Diablo 2 character would say.... "Impossible."

lol @CreepinDeth … man that's sad.  The PlayStation Classic goes from something super exciting to Shelving material in no time flat. 

@targetrasp I'm here to pick up my turd... lol... and then they had you Fallout 76... WHAT?!  ;D

I actually saw a commercial on for the PlayStation classic the other day.  I couldn't believe it.. albeit it was a the hotel bar just after brunch.

LOL... this game is a lot of fun.   Angry Birds seems to have died off over the last couple years, but we played this again the other day.   It was a lot of fun.  The Star Wars sounds and elements mixed with the pigs are hilarious.

It was a pretty cheap buy... I Think $7 back when I got it in 2014.  I'm pretty sure we got our $7 worth

I have it on PC. I'm only like level 7 though because most of my levels are on my Xbox One version.  ???

I haven't played since they added Brigitte, but I'm a decent D.Va.

After 2 sessions of playing, I'm at level 7 now.  I tell you.... this game just feels dumbed down.  Am I not right on that? I know there are strategies and they are viable strategies.

What's the overall appeal of this game?

NO! It has the perfect wall jump lol.  This game DEFINES wall jump.  It's such a perfect wall jump that it perfects all the other imperfect wall jumps  ;D

yeah... I Think it's time to start throwing more Neo Geo topics out there.  Speaking of that.. my 1st one will be about how I need to replace my MVS system.

You need to bring out some of the verbiage below again... those are great topic points.

Let's do this!   We are going to have to play soon - maybe this weekend... yar!   

So this was last year... and I ran across a couple cool Youtube videos.

The below video is from the iPhone launch Video... it's interesting how they made a physical keyboard look like such a bad thing... keep this in mind for later:

CNN Released a 10 years Later iPhone Video.  I Don't like a lot of CNN articles/news these days (this is coming from someone that grew up with CNN Headline News)... but this was definitely a good video lol.  I LOVE the reactions of the Senior engineer and how he HONESTLY talks about the iPhone and issues.  These are the things you don't see in the 1st video I linked from 2007... what a sales job Steve Jobs did.

Such a crazy thing... based off this... the keyboard on Cell phones died.  It also changed the perceptions of all people (especially younger generations) that keyboards meant "Out of date" technology... no matter how inaccurate the touch screen is. 

To this day, I think Apple and IOS has the best touch screen, most accurate, and the amount of incorrect corrections are minimized.   Android... I'm still having some troubles in this area and I'm looking for ways to operate with autocorrect  / prediction off.   These are things you didn't have to worry about as much.    Though I do not agree with Jobs on the rest of the smart phones being dumb lol.   But that was the right plat at the right time...  good play sir... good play.

Blackberry proceeded to miscalculate the importance of apps.  Palm Died.  The remainder of the cell phone market was thrown up in the air.  Now at the other end of the spectrum... Apple is facing increased competition with Android.  Android has technically taken over the market.

I wrote a small review on the BlackBerry Touch from this year.  It's actually a pretty decent phone.  I don't think it will persuade many people, but it's android based.  It's not the most powerful phone out there but comes with many of the BlackBerry tools / software people have grown to love.

Post up your thoughts and comments... It's pretty cool to go back and review these events.

I'm going to pick it up but probably after Christmas. I have way too many games I need to get through at the moment.
I hear you @CreepinDeth There are so many games... and I still have a ton of games to catch up on... plus I'm still really enjoying Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode for  the Playstation 4.

We played a lot of Super Smash bros this weekend, @Jack ... a lot.  I'm finally getting the hang of the split controllers (1 in each hand)... though I Will say a pro controller is probably the best way to go.  You definitely have more characters than we do.  I Think we are now in the low 50's.  The game is a blast.  We need to get members playing.

Microsoft - Xbox One and Xbox 360 / Re: Farcry 5 - review - multiplatform
« on: December 09, 2018, 02:59:39 PM »
I know @targetrasp … I missed it  :o  Sad face.

@Helskyth did a great job on his review... it made me want to dig into this title as well.  If anyone sees this game go on sale again... post it up in the gaming deals board.  I'm hoping to pick this up... prefer PC... but PS4 will be fine too.

Microsoft - Xbox One and Xbox 360 / Re: The Gears of War 3 Topic
« on: December 09, 2018, 02:42:44 PM »
oh geez my favorite memory of Gears of War 3 is:

As far as multiplayer...I did enjoy that quite a bit. I don't have any memories that stand out, but I think I got a few of the cool achievements.
@Mai Valentine  - You know... that was a shock... I remember that.

The charge attacks were hilarious as well... you know … where your character would utter a guttural yell as they charge attacked.

To this day, Gears of War 3 had my favorite Horde Mode.  I just don't have time for all the systems anymore... I wish Gears of War 3 would have a remastered copy and also published on PlayStation 4.  I know... fat chance.  But it would be cool.  So many good memories.

General Discussion / Re: How many of you use Twitter?
« on: December 08, 2018, 08:38:35 PM »
@Mai Valentine I'm looking to get these started before year end.  @Jack and @Kinikko offered to help with this... and also with some of the other 3rd party sites as we grow them.  We would love to have you on board and helping as well.    Plans will be drawn up as we move along.

I'm trying to get help for the steam group as well... so we can start inviting more people and hopefully get more residual traffic here being home base for all sites.

I had a 36" Sony Trinitron that I adored. I played a lot of Nintendo thru ps2 on that one.
Nintendo through PS2?  Wait... what?  lol...

CDG Game Night / Meetings / Clan / Tourneys / Re: Snow Days 12/8/18
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:40:26 PM »
Oh man... I missed this.  After New tires, clothes shopping for family...studying.... and other stuff... it's now 7:39pm.

@SpartanEvolved mentioned Diablo 3 as well.   Maybe we can do that in a bit or something.  Or BLOPS 4... or Titanfall 2... Spartan has that as well.

Yeah .. I get that. I go through times where I don't play shooters.  Also, I go through times were I only play hand held.  It's strange lol but I get it.  :))

Battlefield V is pretty fun. Though Titanfall 2  PlayStation 4 really has my attention right now. 

I'm using. 2 joycons... one in each hand. But it's a bit rough for some reason.  It's like my brain has to relearn playing but I don't understand why. It shouldn't be a problem.

I just earned simon Belmont.   I think we have 22 new characters now. We played it for 5 hours straight now lol.

How far along are you kinikko?

@targetrasp Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... and or Titanfall 2.  I'm trying to get @SpartanEvolved to play Titanfall 2 PlayStation 4 as well.

It would definitely be cool to try out the online NES games.  That's a cool feature IMO.

Do it... do it NAAooww!   You know... you could just wait and curl up into the fetal position in a corner of the room.... rocking back and forth until Christmas  ;D

@Kinikko  @Jack … and @CreepinDeth did you all get title as well?   I would best @MegaDrive20XX did as well. Who else picked up Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

lol @Grindspine yeah.. that is nice. I dig it.

I know what you mean @targetrasp … my parents still have a larger 4:3 tv.  It's a Toshiba Cinema series from the late 90's... and It plays all the old games well... not the newer formats very well though.

OK ... we've had several topics on Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.   I picked it up and we have it installed and are playing it.  It's super fast and super slick.  Some of the controls with the 2 controllers separate from the console can be a little hard to get used to.  I want to try out the pro controller to see if it's a lot better.

The following is really cool:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Once you beat classic mode, you play a SHMUP to shoot all the credits.  You know from original games, you would "beat up" the credits ...etc... well now you play a SHMUP lol. 

It's pretty fun!

You only start with 8 characters... so you will have to earn / buy all those characters!  There are a ton of them - 74-76 of them depending on how you count them.

Who picked theirs up?  We should get CDG members together to play this.  Post it up!

Other Super Smash Bros Ultimate Topics:
Smash Bros Ultimate - Secret
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

So... I bought into this now.

It appears you CAN play online with these games if they have 2 player mode.  You can play 1 player and 2 player locally. Then there's an option for Online... where you can join a friend, leave a game open with pass code or no pass code... or play while you wait for a friend to join.   Now... I haven't been able to figure out where you can see other network games or online games that are open.  So this MIGHT just be locked down to friends - might ... or probably is.

@CreepinDeth - I really need to play through it.  It's been long enough... I believe I have it in my steam list too  :o   Greatest game of all time??

@retro junkie Those can be fun at times.  I really liked Star Wars Episode 3 on the Nintendo DS - I think that was the official title.  Man... that was a lot of fun for a long time.  IT's been awhile though since I played it... I don't know if it held up.  There should be a post on that game in the future.

So... I made a little progress on iPad game - the Capitalist lol.  Besides that... I've been making progress on IT certification studies.  TRying to finish up 2 certs before EOY 2018.

Welcome to Chicken Dinner Gaming, @pontrumlee ... we are glad to have you.  What are your favorite games and consoles / platforms?

Yeah... I'm hoping this game is better than a neat distraction.  THOUGH... I haven't bought it yet.  I totally understand what you're saying.   Certain beers were all the rage at work, people talking about the newest beer from x company.  "Have you tried it?"  "No... not yet."  "OH... you need to though you can only get 1 bottle per month from this exclusive liquor store."  As far as coffee - Our local Old Crown is the real deal.   I should send you some Espresso 101 sometime.

I think the game looks cool from what I've seen.  IF I pick It up, I'll try to post up a review.

THAT would get on my nerves.  >:(

LOL @retro junkie you wouldn't like this!?  :)

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Newer Super Mario Bros - Wii
« on: December 04, 2018, 09:55:42 PM »
That's interesting... I wonder how they created this without issues from Nintendo.  I thought you meant there was an official release.  I looked it up... their site mentions you can play it legally on any home-brew enabled Wii.

Hm... how do they do stuff like this?  Other people / sites would get absolutely ban-hammered... fan or not.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Newer Super Mario Bros - Wii
« on: December 04, 2018, 09:47:15 PM »
You know... I never really did check into this title.  I have a very vague memory of it.  What do you mean by a hack?

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