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@targetrasp are you buying sonic in steel book?

That's definitely one that I didnt finish.   That's a great idea to revisit. I wonder if it's on prime.

We have been binging Monk and Psych.  Both are pretty funny and lighthearted... very good for a laugh and not too serious. I missed both of these while they were on air. 

I think it might be time to watch the xfiles again...

Did anyone see monk and or psych?

@AngelBob - That's pretty cool!   That's also a smart use of resources.   How long until that's up and running?

General Discussion / Re: Paul Gilbert plays the Blues
« on: April 04, 2020, 06:01:57 PM »
No blues fans?  ;D

This is the Binge watching show topic.  We are all binging certain shows during the Corona-pocalype....  What are you binging?  What do you like and not like?

Post it up!

Alright... I changed a few things:

1.)  Created a new Battle Royale category with a Call of Duty board.
2.)  Combined FortNite and PUBG boards into the new Battle Royale Category and removed the older 2 separate categories for those boards.
3.)  Created a Cloud Gaming board for all Cloud Gaming and Gaming as a Service topics.

Feel free to post other suggestions for more Battle Royale games you would like to see in the Battle Royale Category.  If you have other suggestions … please post them up!

Enjoy the updates and Game On!

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Gamecube pulled out and playing!
« on: March 29, 2020, 07:25:01 PM »
@retro junkie are you still rocking out the GameCube?

Ever play Ikaruga for the GameCube?

Double post - @Grindspine I re-watched the video... this makes me want to try a new monitor. I believe the monitor I use is 120hz and I definitely get over 60 fps...  for csgo... I thought 120-200fps. I'd have to look again as it's been a very long time since I fired up csgo... or anything for that fact on my desktop. Now I really want try 144-240hz.

My comment on 60fps really is for motion tothe human eye... not accounting for all the input and drawing lags. I don't know if there's much to it, but I normally use low latency wired keyboard and mouse.

Btw I really like that channel  on youtube... they do a great job.    Good choice on video.

This is pretty cool... it's also cool have they are gathering the information and applying is to the Minecraft "mods."

Someone's built the entire Earth in Minecraft - to scale -

@AngelBob - I figure you woukd appreciate this one.

They have some work to address other issues such as making the right textures apply to the right Earth features... such As snow on mountain tops and ice (instead of snow) for glaciers. 

Thoughts, comments? Post it up!

Lol check this article out. It's pretty funny on the measures GameStop is doing to stay in business. 

The obvious problem is... touching the credit card terminal and anything else with the plastic bag is going to spread something around unless they disinfect everything everyone. 

I feel for businesses and employees that need work as they're hurting and the financial ripple it could cause on jobs... etc.  However, there is a line to keeping your people safe.

GameStop to employees: wrap your hands in plastic bags and go back to work -

Comments, thoughts?  Post it up!

PC Rigs, Builds, and Peripheral Devices / Re: Valve Index VR
« on: March 28, 2020, 09:29:51 PM »
How is the OG Vive?  Does it work pretty well?   System wise ... is the design pretty much the same?

I have yet to get into VR. Not sure I'll sink the money into it or not.  Priorities right now lol... it's definitely interesting and a cool concept.  I've dug it since the Virtual Boy years. 

General Discussion / Paul Gilbert plays the Blues
« on: March 28, 2020, 07:34:45 PM »
Anyone dig the blues?  Paul Gilbert playing the blues... this video is pretty cool.  Great song as well!

Thoughts, comments... post it up!

PC Rigs, Builds, and Peripheral Devices / Valve Index VR
« on: March 28, 2020, 05:34:28 PM »
Has anyone bought into tho yet?   The Valve Index VR Kit drops in at around $1000 for the full setup and includes Half-Life:  Alyx. This game looks pretty good... see our post here:
Half-Life:  Alyx Topic

@FJ1X and I were discussing the kit the other day.  It seems like a legit setup. The price is pretty crazy... but it may be worth it?  Maybe this will be a good launching point for VR? 

@CreepinDeth @targetrasp @Polygon @Strubes @trkorecky @HylianSeven  - any of you looking to buy into the Index?

Link on Steam:
Valve Index VR Kit on

Thoughts,  comments?   Post it up!

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Turbo Grafx-16 Mini Pre-Order
« on: March 28, 2020, 05:03:16 PM »
@retro junkie - thank you for posting the cnet article. That sucks!  But it's not surprising right now with everything going on.

I hope they make a couple additions for the wait  ;D that would be cool.

Has anyone picked this up yet?   This game appears to be getting rave reviews. I want to get my hands on it.  I need tp take care of a few other things before adding to the game collection.

Here's a pretty good review as well:
An impressive suite of improvements combine with a more clearly defined structure for Animal Crossing's finest outing to date. -

Have you played it yet?  What are your thoughts?  If you're looking to buy and wish to help support this site, please use the link in the 1st post.

Thoughts? Comments? Post it up!

Has anyone seen Half-Life: Alyx?   It's only a VR release right now.  From my understanding, this plays off the Valve Index VR headset / system that connects to your PC.  This starts out at $1000 ... imo it's pretty pricey.  Going to create a topic on the headset as well.  The reviews are giving this headset pretty high marks though... and apparently for those that can play VR games without issues ... Half-Life: Alyx  has a really good VR implementation.

Here's a pretty good Half-Life: Alyx review:
Half-Life: Alyx: The Review

How many of you are excited for Half-Life:Alyx?   I'm trying to find the article... somewhere Episode 3 was also rehashed as possible.  It's not like we've only waited 12 years for that. I guess we will see if that happens as well.  Another topic for another post. 

@Polygon @trkorecky @CreepinDeth  - have you checked this out?

Thoughts , comments ... post it up!

It would be awesome to get a group together to play. I'd like to get back at it here with Diablo 3 soon.  I really enjoy d3. I still need to make it through the reaper of souls.

@mastermario @Grindspine @SpartanEvolved  - looking to get this as well?

Btw... I really hope they have an awesome box and special edition like all the Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 releases and expansions.  I'm preordering when available.

One of our factories converted to making tubing for ventilators.  Otherwise, most of our plants shut down last week.

Food is finally stocked and people aren't being as dumb. Thankfully the stores made a senior time in the am... so tjey get 1 hour of shopping time 1st.  I think that's good. 

I hope we can get back go normal soon and this goes away.  This stay at home thing is cool for work in some cases. But it would also be back nice to get back to normal life.

Not sure if anyone saw this yet...  it's pretty cool as I really wanted the 1st game in the list... the 2nd will be fun.  The games are: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Dirt Rally 2.0

PS Plus April 2020 PS4 Games Leaked Ahead of Official Announcement -

Did anyone see this?  Are you excited for the free games?

Thoughts,  comments... post it up!

General Discussion / Re: Favorite 80's Toy / Cartoon
« on: March 26, 2020, 11:48:45 PM »
That thing was mammoth.  I remember the HUGE box in this toy store called Children's palace (long gone).   I mean... back then, most kids didn't even have the room to store it.   Our house was a bit smaller as a kid.. I had plenty of toys and stuff, but I'm not sure there would be a place for the massive aircraft carrier.    It was still pretty cool lol

LOL... why?!   Isn't it a good game?

@retro junkie good call... yeah... they finally listened.   Funny how they tried to become a "critical" business.  I must buy those video games  ;D

@Grindspine yeah..... I swore them off a long time ago too.  Then I keep getting sucked back in here and there for certain items.... like Call of Duty.   I buy their steel book version every year they make one....

We are all working from home right now... as of MOnday, our plants closed down.   We are still  "working" from home in the corporate division... but hopefully this doesn't last too long.    Our China plants are back to work now.   At least 1 of our locations retooled to make parts for medical devices.

@AngelBob - I hear you... the hoarding is crazy.   Oddly enough, I've been able to get a bit of toilet paper.  Clorox wipes... running out and impossible to find.    Salt was hard to find as well... but I could find about everything else.

@targetrasp  LOL...... drunken Halloween... that just sounds like gross regrets.

General Discussion / Re: Favorite 80's Toy / Cartoon
« on: March 19, 2020, 10:38:59 PM »
@targetrasp  - I can't say I remember the cobra rattler.  I really only remember the f14... and then the aircraft carrier thst was huge!  That was cool but absolutely huge

General Discussion / Happy Birthday - Snatcher_L
« on: March 19, 2020, 10:18:26 PM »
Happy birthday @Snatcher_L  - I know it's a bit early and we haven't seen you around for awhile. Jump on and say hi!  And enjoy your digital cake!

Also, if you get the gift of gaming, post your loot!

Also, if you discord... join our discord. You can also use discord to login to our site here.

Lol  not sure GameStop qualifies as essential.  I mean, I get we all need a Tetris mug that changes with heat for work.... Buuuttt?

GameStop Instructs Employees to Ignore Law Enforcement And Not Shut Down -

Thoughts, comments ... post it up!

General Discussion / Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie after release topic
« on: March 19, 2020, 07:57:32 PM »
Alright... who has now seen this and what are your thoughts?  I have yet to see this movie and will probably rent it with all the virus stuff going on at this point.   It looked interesting with the changes they made but heard it was crazy in a few areas.  I’ll save that for The discussion. 

Thanks to @retro junkie this is all I can think about when I hear “sonic the Hedgehog the movie ...”


Lol  ;D

Post it up!

General Discussion / Covid-19 Coronavirus - how has it affected you?
« on: March 19, 2020, 07:49:10 PM »
Beer virus, covid-19, cv19, coronavirus ... China virus...  as infections have picked up and disruptions to our daily life have occurred.  How has it impacted you?

Comments, stories .... post it up!

ok... so my Turbo Express has been down for some time... probably 2-3 years.

@targetrasp  you mentioned a capacitor set on Ebay… I Think I found them.  Do you know of anywhere else outside Ebay to get them?  I don't really Ebay anymore.  I'm searching to see if I can find it outside of Ebay.

I recently purchased a new soldering iron for other projects... and it needs to be broke in.   It's time to fix the Turbo Express!

Who else has or have had this issue?   Post it up!

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