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Lol @Grindspine  too soon man... too soon.

@retro junkie - looks like grind gave you a good idea on this  ;D

I thought this was a bit crazy.   To me... you cannot exclude a charger without a design change.  Maybe the portless iPhone will be a thing... inductive charging???  I guess that is another topic for another time. But it's a tad crazy to not include one if the phone needs it.   

Check out this article:
Apple might not include a charger with the iPhone 12. Good -

Of anyone can pull this off, Apple could.  But I don't think that's best for the consumer ... at all.  And inductive charging is cool...  but not is not cheap.

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up.

Whst do I want on my laptop?   Good cooling...  killer graphics card... good amounts of ram and disk.... And a hidden LED display on the laptop lid. 

Check this out:
Asus’ ROG Zephyrus G14 is now available with a hidden LED display on its lid -

Thoughts... comments?

Did any of you see this?  I found it interesting and wonder how it wi turn out.

Disney Resetting Star Wars; Erasing Last Jedi -

Post it up!

I missed Last of Us 2 came out... Last of Us was one heck of a game. 

The Last Of Us Part 2 Is Getting Predictably User Score Bombed On Metacritic -

I thought this article was interesting.  They make some solid points... though I don't understand why some would do this. I have not had a chance to play the game... and I've lost track over the past few months with everything going on.

I will setup a preorder link for the game... however, any add on the site will take you there. Remember, you can buy anything through the links including groceries and we get credit for it.

Thoughts, comments, post it up!

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Icy
« on: June 18, 2020, 03:05:28 PM »
@Icy - Happy Birthday.  It's a little early... enjoy your digital cake!

If you get the gift of gaming,  please post up your score!   


Lol I don't think I have or I briefly watched some of it.  I think I watched one of the links you sent. Samurai shodown is such a good game...  and does this collectors edition come with some cool collector pieces!

I doubt we will see a US collection like this... but if we did, I'll be all over it.

Exactly ... this looks really cool.  Initial estimates show this console is going to be huge. I wonder if that will translate well to the true-to-life size.

I'm pretty pumped for this console. I will be opting for the unit with the optical drive.  I also like the backwards compatibility... but I heard maybe not all games will be available at first.  Probably a ton of articles on that now.

Overall...  I'm pumped!

News / Leaks / Rumors / Re: Xbox series X hardware details
« on: June 17, 2020, 06:41:09 PM »
Lol... for an "exploded view" ... with an exploded view of the system.  I see what you did there. 

This system is looking pretty cool and decently large.  The ps5... seems to be large as well. 

I'm wondering how they will both actually stack up with each other.  This will be interesting ...

Frickin Gears 5... makes me want to buy this system...

Sorry BV, I don't have PS+. I just can't get the motivation to pay for it when online is free on PC.
Yeah... I understand that @CreepinDeth

@trkorecky are you game?

Did any of you see this?  Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shown in the US) collection for the PlayStation 4 with the old style as case?!  Holy collectors awesome dream ...

Samurai Spirits NEOGEO Collection (Limited Edition Pack) -

    Seven Samurai Shodown Titles:
    • - Samurai Shodown
    • - Samurai Shodown II
    • - Samurai Shodown III
    • - Samurai Shodown Amakusa's Revenge
    • - Samurai Shodown V
    • - Samurai Shodown V Special
    • - Samurai Shodown V Perfect

    • Box contents
    • PS4 Game: Samurai Spirits NEOGEO Collection
    • Special Arranged Soundtracks
    • Neo-Geo AES Version Package
    • Neo-Geo 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Sticker

    If you order this (or any product) and wish to support the site, you can use the Playasia link on the bottom left of the forum. 

    Thoughts?  Comments?  Post it up!

Did everyone see the PlayStation 5 Announcement?   What are your thoughts? 

My 1st thought is … the system looks like a dusting nightmare  ;D

Here are a couple cool links:
PS5 showcase recap: Everything you need to know -
Sony’s PS5 reveal was the best look yet at next-gen gaming -

I'm pretty excited.  I don't know if I Can get this 1st day or not at this point.  IF you're planning on pre-ordering... I Will get the links up from amazon in the near future once the proper links are available.

Thoughts?  Comments?  POST IT UP!

LOL... I'll get that going. 

@Jack @SpartanEvolved are you game?  and dangit… I forget, you have PS PLus, right @CreepinDeth ?  I know @Mai Valentine has Ps Plus too.

Maybe we can this weekend.

For those that are interested... Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Call of Duty WW2 are free right now.

Star Wars Battlefront is 112GB installed it appears.   It would be cool if we could get a few PS4 players on and playing together.  I'm looking at you:
@SpartanEvolved @targetrasp @CreepinDeth @MegaDrive20XX @Strubes

Thoughts, Comments... post it up!

Did any of you see these?   I know there are still some parts of the NeoGeo Mini Left to be desired... however, these are pretty cool limited editions:

SNK NEOGEO Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Edition Bundle: Ukyo Tachibana  -

SNK NEOGEO Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Edition Bundle: Haohmaru  -

Neo Geo Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Edition Bundle-Kuroko Console -

SNK NeoGeo Neogeo Mini Samurai Showdown Limited Edition Bundle-Nakoruru -

My favorite is the Haohmaru version... I don't know why, but I dig it the most.  It's cool they are doing the limited edition minis... they are taking a page out of Nintendo's playbook.

Thoughts, comments... post it up!

I'm on a PlayStation 5 kick today.  Here's an older interesting article I've been meaning to post for awhile.  This is more in the cloud gaming realm.  There are mentions of Xbox Project xCloud as well.

The PS5 Could Be Sony’s Last Gaming Console, Ever -

Check it out... what are your thoughts?   Obviously this j's somewhat opinionated... and the future has a lot of twists as we have seen.    Post it up!

General Discussion / Star Trek Picard - is it good?
« on: June 07, 2020, 01:50:52 PM »
I haven't had the chance to check this out.  I'm curious on the thoughts of those who have seen it.

According to the Guardian... it's fairly dark.

Check out the article.  Is it fair or unfair... and what new your thoughts?   Post it up!

Had anyone else checked this out yet?   It's a decent explanation of PlayStation 5 hardware and an interesting discussion.  Check it out and post up your thoughts.

Post it up!

I should see what it's recommending for me. A bunch of my friends from back home started up Sunday game nights, so we've been playing a weird variety of things.
@trkorecky  - It would be cool to get more people gaming from here.  We had some decent gaming rounds going for a bit with @targetrasp @Jack @mastermario @Grindspine and @SpartanEvolved   ...mostly with Diablo 3, Overwatch, and a few others.   There are some games I'd love to get into again.  It's been a long time... it has also been awhile since I've been on Steam.

@Grindspine what about Portal 2?   It would be fun to try to co-op some of that again.  We haven't done that since the PS3 days... and we had Penn Station.  Hell... that had to have been 8 years ago now.   Stupid time needs to stop it.  Did Renee stop hogging the PC? lol.

yeah... fast forward a few weeks... we are still about 30-50% masks… but I'm surprised there aren't more.   The virus numbers just aren't dwindling and there has been a slight up-tick (if the reporting is even good because of so many faulty and bad tests) in cases now.

It would be very cool if this virus would go away.  I'm all for working from home right now... It's been super productive.  The only problem is it's harder to quit now and I find myself working more hours...

She-Ra is another good one to binge if you're more in a cartoon mood. They also just put Avatar: the Last Airbender on Netflix.

Dead to Me is a great show as well, and they just put season 2 up.
@Mai Valentine ooo… I'm always down to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender.   Still an awesome series...and it finished back in 2008.  Legend of Korra was pretty good as well.   We will binge those series from time-to-time.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Turbo Grafx-16 Mini Pre-Order
« on: June 02, 2020, 08:07:58 PM »
@CreepinDeth @targetrasp @retro junkie  How is the output to the Screen?

@mastermario are you still playing this game?

I have just 100% completed Lego Jurassic park...  This would be my 3rd Playstation Network platinum trophy.   

Done! Done! Onto the next one! -Foo Fighters  I Think we are going to 100% Lego Batman 3 next...  I Think.  We are pretty close.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Polymega
« on: May 23, 2020, 08:42:02 PM »
@targetrasp I thought I already replied to this.... Holy crap is right.  This is a very cool concept.  I wonder how much life this system will have and how long the support will last. I cannot imagine they support it longer than 5 years... so what happens at the end of that time?   All systems are susceptible to failure.   I wonder how backup up your stuff would be.  Or if there will be backlog metrics lol.   We might have competition for the backlog tracker!  ;D

What do you think @retro junkie @CreepinDeth @XFaKToRX @MegaDrive20XX ?

Good call @Grindspine  I need to do that this year.  What are you playing?

What about you @Jack @targetrasp @Polygon @trkorecky @CreepinDeth @Kinikko @HylianSeven @SpartanEvolved @mastermario @Boomsickle @Icy @Frodus @Baker_Beezy @AngelBob

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Turbo Grafx-16 Mini Pre-Order
« on: May 22, 2020, 10:11:00 PM »
@targetrasp aww man. Let me know how it is lol.  I want one.

LOL @XFaKToRX join @targetrasp and I with the eternal backlog  ;D  I do want to pick this up... but I'm not sure when I'll ever get to it.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare really has my attention right now.   These seasons are time killers...

Didn't they say Picard was really dark?

I need to watch that series... if I am correct, it was a little rough from the episodes we watched lol.   But we need to re-watch it.    SO.... it sounds like you are recommending it  ;D

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