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Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Sega Genesis mini: it is happening!
« on: October 13, 2019, 10:18:37 PM »
@CreepinDeth I don't know man..
 I probably would've bought 2 if I was going to have or leave one unopened. It would be hard to not crack it open and play it lol.

I wish they had added Rambo 3. Then again. I haven't played it in a long time. It was a lot of fun back in the day.

So no one here has opened theirs and played it? @targetrasp

General Discussion / Re: Avengers: EndGame
« on: October 13, 2019, 10:15:55 PM »
Nice @CreepinDeth;D. I haven't done into 4K. I figure this move would've done 4K justice! 

We need to see this movie again.  I haven't watched it since it was in theaters.

General Discussion / Re: Spiderman Is Back in The MCU!!!!
« on: October 13, 2019, 10:13:42 PM »
Yeeaahhh there was no way they weren't going to do this. Too much money was at a stake.

I'm curious on the deal they made to make this work. They both made a smart move.  I really don't want to go back to the previous Spider-Man movie styles.  No more Tobey or  Garfield.

It's cool to see this game continually developed.   The addition of bees is cool   well as some of the other features.

It's also amazing to see how far this game has progressed in the last 5 years.  Pocket Edition also was pushed further ahead.  I remember this game before infinite stages and trying to survive.  Zombies that used to make death noises (ugh ugh ugh ugh blargh) lol  ;D

@AngelBob - are you looking forward to any of these updates?

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Neo Geo AES - Does anyone still own one?
« on: October 13, 2019, 10:06:58 PM »
Bumping this up -  @targetrasp @MegaDrive20XX - mega... do you own one again?

@Grindspine @targetrasp @Jack  - did any of you try this out?

Made 2 new Super Mario Maker 2 Levels. Played a bit more of Animal Crossing New Leaf.   Bigger house... and I have over half of the fish and insects.  I probably now have 40% of the fossils in museum.

We should probably start a New Leaf progress thread. 

General Discussion / Re: Post Your Recent Gaming Purchases Thread
« on: October 13, 2019, 09:56:20 PM »
@targetrasp how much is it?  For Playstation 4?

How is it?  You should make a topic on this. Multiplayer?

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS
« on: October 13, 2019, 09:55:18 PM »
Lol @retro junkie  ... I need to try this too!

Yes @AngelBob - we can play up to 4 players. That would be pretty cool to get multiplayer sessions going. We might be able to get @targetrasp and @Bomber Man too.

We could use the CDG discord if you all want.  We can try to set a time to play.  I'm thinking of also leaving a 3ds up and running so we can connect at any time... not sure it's that stable though. Need to test.... Wild World wasn't that stable. we used to have members of the old site play Wild World.

Yeah @AngelBob . We did the same thing.  Dig down from a mountain side house.  Lol... worst is when you dig down and hit sand with water above it, dig cobblestone with lava above it, or mine a solid stone and there's gravel above it...  rage worthy lol.

General Discussion / Re: First World Problems
« on: October 13, 2019, 09:25:15 PM »
Bumping this up. I think we need to keep it moving. 

@targetrasp I'm with @retro junkie a bit... however, its fun.  It's a different pace than other games... I recommend buying it. Maybe we can get CDG gaming meetings going and visit other members towns.  We could get @Bomber Man and @AngelBob In as well.

I think we could have 4 players max. It would be cool to have a town open for people to connect to ... would be fun.

@targetrasp let's play a bit of blops 4... it had great mp.   And yes, MW is back to campaign etc.

@mastermario and @SpartanEvolved are buying.  We will probably get more CDG multiplayer sessions going with this.   I want to try to get Diablo 3 going again if possible with a few people. I'm still studying and work is insane... but im working to get back to regular gaming time again.

We created another one - midair Bowser takedown!

Give it a shot!

I made another level :

Bowser's Labyrinth

@targetrasp @AngelBob @retro junkie @MegaDrive20XX @trkorecky @Jack @Kinikko -  do any of you have Super Mario Maker 2?  If so.... Post up in the Mario Maker 2 topic and post your levels here!  I will play them.

Here are other courses we made:

1: 062-QVL-84G

2: WQT-TJ1-9LG

3: FVY-V6B-7YG

4: HJ7-JD7-GGF

5: MV1-MQ8-DPG

6: 1W2-C90-XPG

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Megadrive!
« on: October 12, 2019, 12:53:10 PM »
Happy birthday @MegaDrive20XX !!   Sorry a tad late.

If you received gaming gifts... post up your loot!  I hope all is well, friend.

lol Nice! Neeeerrrdddddd.   :))    That's cool you buy your own realm though @AngelBob .   I was thinking about it at one point.  There was a lot we were doing with Minecraft.   We just haven't played a lot of it in the last 1-2 years.  Before that... we were playing almost every day.

The battle mini games are a lot of fun.  Did you get into those?

General Discussion / Re: Avengers: EndGame
« on: October 02, 2019, 07:59:22 PM »
Man...  just a little. I can't believe this came out as long ago as it did. This year is rocking by hard.

It'll be interesting to see what they do and come out with from here on out.  I'm hoping it's as awesome as the last decade.   Man... so much life happened during that decade as well. 

That hammer sound at the end end of the movie. Still brings chills a bit.

No.  Because no.  ;D

I guess they struck a deal now.  We will see that'll work out.   I guess the world is no longer coming to an end.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Sega Genesis mini: it is happening!
« on: October 02, 2019, 07:54:16 PM »
Thank you @CreepinDeth I checked that out.    What about someone here that has played it  ;D thoughts from anyone?

Yeah... @targetrasp ... I get that. Plus there is cross play now!    It's a habit I'm in for most cods...  I didn't get the steel book for WWII if there was one... also for Infinite Warfare and Ghost.  Actually ... it's almost ways been the Black Ops series by Treyarch now that I think of it...  :)) funny I just realized that.

This will be the 1st Infinity Ward steel book.

Yeah... this game is quite fun... I need to play it more.

What was the 3DS that came with this game, @targetrasp   Do you have a link or image?

In Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS, there was this blue gray frog looking shadow that would surface as times swimming in one of my rivers.   I couldn't get it to bite while fishing.     The below describes how to catch this thing... This was a bit tough and requires patience.

It is actually a Diving Beetle.  You need to catch it with your net.  The Shadow will swim / float / glide along the water.  It will surface here and there.  You need to try to catch the Diving Beetle when it surfaces RIGHT NEXT to the shore.    It's a pain to catch, but you will need it if you want to complete your insect library.   It is found in the rivers and ponds from what I've read.  I've not seen it in a pond yet... only river.

Happy catching!  Feel free to post questions, comments, and if you caught the Diving Beetle.

I thought this was pretty cool.  It's not the most favorite game out there of mine, but I know a lot of members were playing: @SpartanEvolved @Mai Valentine @mastermario and others.  I cannot remember if @Strubes did or not.

Anyway, Overwatch Legendary Edition is coming out for the Nintendo Switch:
Overwatch Legendary Edition - Nintendo Switch -

It will be released October 15, 2019.

Who will be picking this game up?  Who's looking forward to the Switch version?   Post it up!

@retro junkie I agree.... I don't know, but the yellow color is just solid.  It screams MOIINNNEe.  It will be interesting to see where the 3DS / Switch go... or if another upgraded *DS* will come out.  The 3DS is 7 years old I believe, right?   There haven't been improvements since the last iteration where they added a control nub (c-stick).  So they are coming to a time where an upgrade is going to be necessary... UNLESS... the Switch Lite is it and they're uniting on a single platform.    If they pull a Wii U again on a single platform... they're not going to have a 3DS to pull them through.   This isn't knocking the Wii U... it just didn't sell well.

@targetrasp I had a little bit of a difficult time with Mario Odyssey on the smaller Screen.  But Super Mario Maker 2 is good... as well as Bomberman R and quite a few more titles.  I understand what you are saying though.  It was hard to see everything in the distance (in the back ground or as parts of the game moved to the background... like throwing the cap.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: What CLASSIC Systems would you like to see?
« on: September 24, 2019, 09:03:44 PM »
I think instead of tg-16 they should just go ahead and do a Turbo Express.

Bumping an old topic.... lol.. see @targetrasp dreams do come true!  Except the Turbo Express part lol.  At least we have a Turbo Grafx Mini.

@retro junkie you know what... a Jaguar Mini would be awesome.  I'd get behind that.  Aliens Versus Predator that works on a modern Screen... I'm sure it's aged though.  I'd love to see a REAL reboot of the original game for a modern console.  Raiden on the Jaguar sucked though... I love Raiden and Jaguar Raiden made me a bit sad.  Iron Soldier 1 and 2 would be legit entries.

Also mentioned... FM Towns Marty would be nice!

@Jack and @CreepinDeth mentioned N64... those are necessary IMO.  Even an N64 remastered Mini would be cool with multiplayer.     What about a Gamecube mini??

I hate to say it @targetrasp Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast don't ever seem to be a possibility.  But who knows... maybe that could / would change.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Sega Genesis mini: it is happening!
« on: September 24, 2019, 08:58:10 PM »
Nice @Grindspine !   I bet she'll dig that lol.

Anyone have a review of this thing yet?

@retro junkie yeah... it really appears it is all about Monday.   I cannot blame Sony... and to me it seems like Disney is being a turd about it.  They had a good combo together with this thing.  DON'T frickin spoil it over money... come on.

@targetrasp lol... You get outta here with that Tobes comment.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Avengers: EndGame
« on: September 24, 2019, 08:32:50 PM »
Awesome @retro junkie That  movie was near perfection.    You know... I REALLY liked how they all had their signature at the end.  It really had the feel of the end though.   I know we will have more movies... but after this built up, It really does seem like the end.

I'm sure they will make a 4 movie collection.  They would be smart to make a WHOLE collection and place them in Chronological order.  That would be awesome too!

Glad you got to see it, Retro Junkie!    And yes... it was definitely satisfying @CreepinDeth ... touched the feels a bit too (if those terms are used anymore).

General Discussion / Re: Official Recent Game Happenings / Progress Thread
« on: September 17, 2019, 09:59:22 PM »
I beat the 1st Metroid without a Game Genie... but holy crap was that tough.  The Mother Brain battle...

In recent game happenings... I've been playing the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta.  It's pretty fun.

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