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General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Jack!
« on: November 03, 2019, 07:48:16 PM »
Happy Birthday!!

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS
« on: October 15, 2019, 07:14:18 AM »
@BLUEVOODU what is your friend code?

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Neo Geo AES - Does anyone still own one?
« on: October 14, 2019, 08:37:29 AM »
I haven't played my Neo Geo CD in a while. I would probably get pwn very easily. Neo Geo games have a certain skill level of their own. I have my NG CD out. My cat seems to like pushing the button that opens the CD door occasionally.

Still have a few Neo Geo Pocket Colors and games. Portables are more my thing than consoles. I play it more often just for the fighters.  ;)

Still owning the AES or a consolized MVS would be very nice. Prices are just too out there for my pockets.

Started Radiant Historia today on my DS. I like the heavy sided story element in this game. Seems to occupy a lot of the gaming experience. I find it refreshing surprisingly. Give more of a depth to the game. You have to make decisions that have real consequences with the twist of time travel to effect the storyline.
Hope I don't get to one of those points where I get stumped not knowing what to do next.

I was put off, at first, by having to be the Mayor of the town. I liked it better when I was ruled over. That has prevented me from getting as deep as I got in the DS game. But I feel that I might need to get into New Leaf. I was talking to my Daughter about the game and she feels that New Leaf is the better game. I miss being able to collect NES games like the N64 and Gamecube game.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Sega Genesis mini: it is happening!
« on: October 02, 2019, 10:31:39 PM »
That is  the review that I am looking for. Someone here that has it. I want their impressions.

General Discussion / Re: Post Your Recent Gaming Purchases Thread
« on: September 28, 2019, 09:44:16 PM »
@targetrasp I just picked up a hand full of games for the middle of October. I will be taking some time off and wanted some new stuff to mess with. One of those titles is "Radiant Historia" for the DS. It has some good reviews too. I did not realize there was a second one for the 3DS. If I like this one then I will look to pick that pone up too.

Other games in my recent pick up,
Monster Hunter Stories-3DS
Yo-Kai Watch-3DS
Yo-Kai Watch 2-3DS
Monster Tale

I will find it interesting just which one grabs my full attention.

General Discussion / Re: Avengers: EndGame
« on: September 24, 2019, 06:53:11 PM »
I just got this movie on DVD and watched it today. Being an old man, I had to pause it five times for pee breaks, plus.  >:(
(I am no longer theater material. Got to get a larger screen TV)

I would have to say that I feel it is the best Avenger movie yet. Each movie seemed to get better. I think that you see heroes confronted with a sense of loss and failure. You see the way each in their own way dealing with it and making life choices from that perspective. Lot of character development in this movie, I liked that. I think it added more depth to the characters. when a sense of hope came to them they started to rise to the occasion. I agree @CreepinDeth it was satisfying.

All four movies would make a good collectors edition type thing, which I am sure they will throw out there at some point.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS
« on: September 21, 2019, 05:07:08 PM »
@AngelBob and @BLUEVOODU I am on central time. Weekends might be best for me too.

I had a neighbor move so I dug holes all in the area. The last time I did this there was tape put up around the area the next time I entered the game.  :)) :)) :))

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Sega Genesis mini: it is happening!
« on: September 19, 2019, 05:54:23 PM »
I am expecting a review of this console. I didn't order one.  ;)


I find it more appealing that the Switch itself. I think because it is more of a handheld console with no removable controllers. I was really put off by that feature. And I would have no desire to attach it to a TV, so that does not bother me. And I do see it as a replacement for the 3DS. People, like me, looking for that upgrade, or for their kids, will go for the Switch lite. We will see how they sell around Christmas time. I am not seeing the support that the 3DS use to have. (No more Pokemon) Everyone is busy with the Switch. At some point I will probably give in and grab up a Switch lite. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have that clamshell design. But I see it in the same light as the Sony Vita. Just need to make sure I pick up a good case for it.

Yeah, the yellow jumped right out at me. I simply said to myself when I first saw these, "If I get one of these it would have to be yellow."

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS
« on: September 10, 2019, 09:05:18 PM »
Yeah and what about those bugs or mice running around in your house.  ;) :))

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS
« on: September 06, 2019, 11:04:33 PM »
@AngelBob @BLUEVOODU I have New Leaf. Wild World is for the DS and I do not think you can link over the net with it anymore. Don't think it is supported now. I have been pounded to death by my sinus over the past week, feeling better now. I have just been focusing on Final Fantasy III on my DS, been grinding.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Official Recent Game Happenings / Progress Thread
« on: September 03, 2019, 09:26:55 PM »
I am not sure that they are numbered the same for every system. I find that confusing.

General Discussion / Re: Official Recent Game Happenings / Progress Thread
« on: September 02, 2019, 08:07:22 PM »
Interestingly I have gotten into Final Fantasy 3 for the DS over the Holiday weekend. I grabbed this up last week from my local GameXchange for around $8. Not sure which one this is in the series. I am thinking that it might be a remake of sorts. I have just got to the point where I can pick my jobs for my characters. Love the gameplay!

@BLUEVOODU if I decide to pick up the Switch lite, this is something that would interest me. I like this sort of thing. I see the value for the money, a lot of good gaming for one price.

@BLUEVOODU I will need to look through my games. I seem to remember the SNES one which I thought was very good. But I am thinking I have it either for the GBA or the DS, maybe both.

@BLUEVOODU looks like it is all about the money, not about the fans, or the joy of bringing these characters to life on the big screen. It is sad that Spiderman is now going to be missing. It will be awkward at first if Sony decides to continue the present Spiderman timeline. I don't want a reboot. Tom has brought a lot to the Spiderman character. I hope they realized that and continue using him as Spiderman.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: The Retro Console to HDMI Problem
« on: August 17, 2019, 11:44:12 PM »
@CreepinDeth not exactly for that budget gamer, but it would be a goal worth saving for. It is around the price range of that clone system thing. If you had the original retro hardware, that would be the best route to go.

General Discussion / Re: GameStop Going Down?
« on: August 17, 2019, 10:24:15 PM »
Hmmm maybe this cain of stores are not everywhere. But they seem to be opening up all over the place around here called GameXchange. They are in Arkansas, Kentucky and Illinois, maybe in other areas. They seem to be flourishing and showing success at the moment. At the same time Gamestop is struggling. Maybe it is because of their focus on games like everything from Atari 2600 and including everything into the present generation. They remind me of the old days. But they are making some changes by including some comics, cards, and funco pops. But they are still making games their primary concern. Love this store. Gamestop could learn from them.

Yesterday afternoon I was in my local GameXchange and had to purchase this game. Never had the NES version until now. I have played it on my multicarts but I really wanted the original. Best price I have found for this game, $12.99.

And this is dominating my game time this weekend.

General Discussion / GameStop Going Down?
« on: August 11, 2019, 04:31:55 PM »
I am seeing a lot of talk of GameStop heading down the "spiraling path of death." Locally, if GameStop closed, I don't think it would be much of an impact. When I think of shopping for games they do not even come to mind. As a retro gamer they stepped away from me many years ago. There are other local game stores, some are "mom & pop." Gamexchange is a chain of local gaming stores that has been my goto when it comes to local purchase of games. They carry anything from Atari 2600 through modern games and consoles. Their main focus are games. In the last twenty years I can count on one hand how many times that I have been in a GameStop. Recently have been a couple of those times and then I thought I was walking into a Hot Topic store. If they quickly return to being a gaming store they might survive. But if they stay on the path that they are going, they are nothing but a shadow that will fade into the sunset and become one of those memories in gaming history. In the early days them and Babbages were THE "game stores."

Below are games I grabbed up at my local Gamexchange this weekend. That's my point.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Turbo Grafx-16 Mini Pre-Order
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:03:46 PM »
I hope they add Gate of Thunder before the release date.

@BLUEVOODU wow! That is too serious about your game. If I enjoy a game and left wanting more, I would jump on another game with the same offer of gameplay. Wouldn't think it would be exactly the same. I know the appearance seems similar but hopefully there would be some story which would be totally different. I would pick it up for my Xbox one if it was available for it, which I know it is not.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Turbo Grafx-16 Mini Pre-Order
« on: August 09, 2019, 09:58:40 PM »
@BLUEVOODU get ready for more games!!!! @targetrasp great additions to the mini!! @CreepinDeth this is getting better!!
Here’s the list of new additions coming to the TurboGrafx-16 mini (and PC Engine mini for Japan):

Seirei Senshi Spriggan (PC Engine)
Spriggan Mark 2 (PC Engine)
Dragon Spirit (PC Engine)
Galaga ’88 (PC Engine)
The Genji and the Heike Clans (PC Engine)
The Legend of Valkyrie (PC Engine)
Splatterhouse (TurboGrafx-16)
Konami also confirmed today that developer M2 is responsible for emulating “all 57 included titles for the retro console, ensuring that every game is playable at the highest quality.”

PC Rigs, Builds, and Peripheral Devices / Re: The Linux Log Topic
« on: August 09, 2019, 08:07:06 PM »
@BLUEVOODU interesting little read. I have used Linux  for a good 20 years, I am thinking. Some of the early part of that was a dual boot with Windows. And I never had any type of crisis. Never had to learn this about log. My Linux distros always ran smooth. That is what sold me on Linux, got spoilt. At the moment I haven't booted up my Linux rig since I have been using my Apple laptop and Mini. I was thinking the early part of this week that I needed to start it up. The distro I settled with there at first was SUsE Linux while it was still a German based distro. Used that Linux for a long time. Built a rig on the side to experiment with different distros. There were many back then that I liked but unfortunately they were short lived and lacked support.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / The Retro Console to HDMI Problem
« on: August 03, 2019, 08:47:03 PM »
This is one of my blogs for this month, but I felt it should be posted here too. This is a very important subject with serious retro gamers.

The real dilemma is that the composite input of HDTVs is slowly disappearing from newer models. The composite analogue tech is archaic in the modern electronic age. Only if you have an old VCR, or DVD recorder, or an old retro gaming system do you find yourself in the dilemma. (Did I leave anything out?) Really it is when you find yourself with something like the PS2 and backward, those are the gaming generations that are totally effected. And I feel that we are approaching a point when there will not be any composite type inputs to accommodate. The niche market may not be big enough for some company to invest in the tech needed to do it right and with quality. And do it at a modest price point that makes it affordable for the budget gamer. What we see is cheap China adapters.

We all must grasp the truth that the old consoles are in analogue 480 aspect ratio with a need for scan lines to hide the ugliness. No matter what you do, it does not change that inconvenient reality. Pixels and jaggies are the nature of the beast. And when you take that and try to convert it to digital 720p or 1080p HDMI, somebody help me 4K, it does not go well when it comes to expectations. One has to change their perspective and game on. Let’s face it, the old CRTs are gone. It has been years in my own area since I have seen them in my local Goodwill, and then they were $2 and $3. They have become museum artifacts.

Alternatives is the quest of every retro gamer, finding that one unique golden ticket. For the budget gamer, I have found three main routes, the console specific adapter, the very cheap universal adapter, and the clone console with HDMI. Presently, limited on the quality, on shaky ground, the clone console route is marketed mainly toward the Genesis, SNES, and NES. If you are looking for answers concerning your Turbo GrafX 16, N64, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, GameCube, or PS2, things get a little scary. There are some console specific adapters out there floating around, except for the TG16, but for how long is the question. And for the Neo Geo AES and CD consoles, I see nothing but the small cheap universal adapter as any kind of alternative and that is sad. Thankfully the PS1 has the PS3 for that HDMI experience.

For me, the cheap universal adapters get the job done but they are marred by the attempt to reduce the jaggies with some sort-of, anti-aliasing blurring fuzzy effect. (You feel as if your vision is impaired.) The clone consoles are hindered by their inability to perfectly replicate the hardware that they are trying to represent. So, you have sound and colors along with compatibility issues to complicate matters as that analogue signal is converted to a digital HDMI 720p or 1080p. There are various associated outcomes connected to a clone’s respective manufacturer. The console specific adapters, in converting the analogue signal to digital, can have an effect on the tint of the colors, brightness, darkness, bleeding reds, even a muting of colors. And the adapters themselves can be very hard to get. I have waited for an adapter that will work on the N64, GameCube, and SNES, for over a month before finally showing up at my door this week. The advantage of this type of adapter is, you get to use the original hardware.

I have the Hyperkin HDMI adapter for the GameCube, N64, and SNES. It has a seven-foot cable and it includes a USB power cord. You can use a standard power brick or a USB input on your TV. It has a switch on the adapter for 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. The GameCube comes out on top as the one that gets the most benefit of using this adapter. Looks awesome on screen. The other two, jaggies are very noticeable, but who cares, I have a reasonably priced alternative for my N64 to HDMI hookup. This works for me. And my N64 will probably be the one console that will get the most use out of this adapter. All three consoles played without issue for me. I detected no latency, colors were acceptable, gameplay spot on. I have mainly been looking for a way to play N64 games on my HDTV without using composite connecters, would rather have the choice of HDMI. This serves well and resolves that problem, for me. Without some expensive console mod, I am delighted. Using the original hardware is very satisfying. Hyperkin is getting ready to launch an N64 clone in the near future. I had concerns especially since it had compatibility issues that were displeasing to me. Now? If I do pick up the N64 clone, it will be to review and test its worth and not for serious gaming. If this thing holds up it will deserve a good thumbs up with a $30 USD well spent.

GameCube: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

N64: Beetle Adventure Racing


Retro Gaming and Hardware / Re: Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS
« on: August 03, 2019, 10:09:30 AM »
@AngelBob I have been playing this off and on all week. And I finally realized why I did not play it very much when I first purchased this. The Animal Crossing on the DS was from the perspective of a citizen. New Leaf is from being the Mayor. I would rather just be the citizen. But this past week I have been avoiding my responsibilities of Mayor and it has been more enjoyable for me. I have been basically just building funds and trying to appease the neighbors. I need to expand my living quarters. It is just basic right now. I enjoy the sim side of it from that aspect.

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday Grindspine!
« on: July 28, 2019, 02:24:36 PM »
Happy Birthday!!!

General Discussion / Re: Birthday!
« on: July 27, 2019, 05:54:56 PM »
A very Happy Birthday!!!!!

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