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General Discussion / Spiderman Is Back in The MCU!!!!
« on: October 13, 2019, 01:18:30 PM »
Just recently Disney and Sony made an agreement, so now spiderman will be back.

They are also making a spiderman 3 in 2021

What feature do you want? Tell it below!!!

Holy Cow! Minecraft has been exploding with planned updates for awhile now, and I'll be explaining each one.

Note: Some of these updates have little to no info on it YET! Once they do I'll update this post. So stay tuned!

Coming Very Soon:
- Bees
- Beehives
- Honey
- Honey Potion/Drink
- Honey Block
- Bees can help with crops
- Bees collect pollen from crops to help with their hive.
- Attack one bee, all of them come after you
- There are baby bees
- Honeycomb Block
- Honeycombs
- Iron Golems Can Crack
- Mend Theme with Iron

Coming Soon:
- Nether Update
- Soulsand Valley Biome
- Fire on Soul Sand Now Blue
- New Type of Soulsand
- Blue Background
- Netherwart Forest
- Different type of Wood
- New Mushrooms
- Blue Variant
- Piglin Beast
- Drops Food
- Piglin
- Guards Chest
- Are Able To Trade With.

Coming Not So Soon:
- Mountains Biome Update
- Goats
- Deeper Snow
- Better Views on Mountains
- Supposed to be Majestic

Those are the new updates coming out soon. Hope you enjoy!

Nintendo - Switch, 3DS, and Wii-U / Nintendo Realeses SNES Online
« on: September 05, 2019, 07:05:43 PM »
SNES online will now be free to any online Nintendo members, and plus they are giving out SNES Switch controllers too.

In this update we got Banjo and Kazooie as a character as well as a future new DLC fighter named Terry from the NEO-GEO Console. We also in this update got the final mode: Home run contest. There was also a new announcement that there will be EVEN more DLC coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Also Sans from Undertale is now a Mii Gunner, as well as more Mii Costumes that are coming. Squirtle, Venusaur, and Snake are now Ambiios for smash. That is all of the smash news!

Nintendo - Switch, 3DS, and Wii-U / Nintendo Direct 9/4/19 - Switch
« on: September 05, 2019, 06:51:57 PM »
This direct had a lot of surprises like the Smash Ultimate's 5.0 came in that day, and new DLC is coming after the five fighters. If you didn't know already a Nintendo Direct is a 30-50 minute video about game announcements, and new games coming to what ever is the latest Nintendo Console.

Link of Nintendo Direct:

In E3 this year there was an announcement about the devs of Breath of The Wild were making a sequel to it. There is no release date right now, but it will be coming probably in a couple of years. Hope you guys are excited.

(I know I'm late on this topic, and I'm sorry for that.)  Online Smash tournaments have recently opened up, and right now they are 1v1 tournaments. Also they will change the rules of the tournaments. What I mean is like for example the tournament was 4v4. Now it would be 1v1. That's what I mean on rule changing. Every so often they will have eventful tournaments, and during all tournaments there have been NO items so far in them. That is all on tournaments.

Retro Gaming and Hardware / Animal Crossing: Wild World - DS
« on: July 05, 2019, 05:30:13 PM »
I have to say this was a really fun game to play, and seeing that it has added a lot more to the previous titles is pretty cool!

(If you havenít known already) Animal Crossing Wild World is a game where you explore your town. You want to catch fish and bugs, and you also want to dig up fossils. You want to do that so you can sell them to make money or bells. In the Animal crossing series there are villagers. They can be nice or mean, or have their own personality.

In Wild World you have to pay off mortgage to make your house bigger, and so you can fit more furniture. You also want a lot of furniture so you can a lot of points from the HRA (Happy Room Academy). When you buy furniture from Tom Nookís his building gets bigger and you get more points, so make sure to buy from him! Also you can sell him your fish, bugs, and fossils to him to make money or bells.

There is also a clothing shop called Mabel Sisters. You can design or buy clothes from there. You also can get accessories for your head and face. You also can sell clothes if you donít like them.

The museum is held by Blathers, and you can donate fish, bugs, fossils, and paintings. You can look at all of those through their own exhibits, and you also can create constellations in the upstairs part! There will be already pre-made ones, but you still can make them. The downstairs part is where K.K Slider plays his jams, and where you can buy coffee!

The town hall is where you can recycle trash, pay mortgage, change the town tune, see suggestions on how to make your town better, save letters, save money or bells, mail letters to other villagers, make donations with in game currency, and you can move out!

You can visit other villagers houses and you also can connect your DS to other DSís to play with each other and do things with each other! It is truly a fun experience!

this game was released after Bowserís Inside Story (Original). This game also features some new things to the series like badges.


These badges would give extra perks in battle. For example one badge would make you invincible for three hits, and after that you were vulnerable. There also many others you could use.

Giant Battles

In this game you would travel into the dream world, and one of the things you would do was have giant battles. Those battles were so big you would have to turn your 3DS sideways to play!

Dream World

This was activated by Luigi sleeping on a pilo, and the world was a 2D world. These areas were the same in the normal world, but with different people and aspects.

Dreamy Luigi

Turns out in the dream world there is a dreamy Luigi. He is Luigi except there are a lot of them. So much that when you collect attack pieces they have their own attacks. During the Dream world Luigi would have special moves he could do to get through different areas!

Overall the game is long and fun. There is a lot of content and good music that makes this game good. I suggest you to get it!


Yes this is a build and share Mario level game! There are also other modes you can play in course world! Although that requires a online membership. Those modes are Endless challenge, and Online multiplayer! In course world you can also check other peopleís levels, and view the leaderboards! When you play a level of you push start or plus you then push settings to change your character or other settings!

In Mario Maker 2 there is a story mode that DOES NOT require online! Story mode has levels that put creator parts from the course editor into good use!

If you get stuck or if you donít know how to use something then Yamamuraís Dojo can help you. This section is found in settings, and it has tutorials on everything that could help you. It even shows you Marioís moves in all game styles!

Hope you enjoy the game!!!

This game if you didnít know already is a remake of the original on the DS. So far this game is really good, and main point of the game is to travel through Bowserís body! If that isnít cool enough, you also (by pushing X) can switch to control Bowser! There is even a a NEW mode called Bowser Jrís Journey! This mode basically time wise happens during when Bowser is wandering or you controlling him during main game! Which I think is cool! I think you should get this game, but if you already have the original then you decide if you want it or not!

Hello! If you want to post your Mario Make 2 courses, then this place is right for you! My courses will be below, and if you want can post yours too! To play courses, you must copy the 9 character code to play!

I edited this to be the course sharing topic.  Post up your Super Mario Maker 2 Levels and we will play them. Please make sure to play other's levels.

There is a live stream for the Pokemon direct right now, and this direct will happen at 9:00 A.M

link to live stream:

I watched this hour and thirty minute video (in parts) analysis on the trailer for Mario maker 2, and I was surprised. There are going to be:

- Fire Bros
- Different Yoshi Colors
- Different Pipe Colors
- Possibly Higher Levels You Can Make
- The Line In The Beginning Of The Coarse Is Gone
- And More

The Link of the Analysis will be below. Enjoy!


News / Leaks / Rumors / Mario Maker 2 - Release Date - Possible Leak
« on: April 01, 2019, 09:20:03 PM »
Recently there was this leak for, and they said that Mario Maker 2 would be purchasable on June 14, 2019.

You can get emeralds in the Mountain Biomes.

General Discussion / Re: Favorite Video Game Soundtracks
« on: March 17, 2019, 08:51:42 PM »
This is a youtuber who makes soundtracks of a lot of video game soundtracks. Link below

Ultimate video game soundtrack:

Nintendo - Switch, 3DS, and Wii-U / Re: Super Mario Maker 2 - Switch
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:39:07 AM »
yea I want to get one too. In fact I think everyone wants one.

Nintendo - Switch, 3DS, and Wii-U / Super Mario Maker 2 - Switch
« on: February 13, 2019, 10:02:05 PM »
Mario Maker 2 has been announced by Nintendo today. Looks like there are going to be more slopes, items, enemies, and different world types. There hasn't been news on about online yet, but there may be soon. The way you edit your levels changed a little bit, and now there are different yoshi types. That part is very hard to see look out. The trailer is below!


I guess the fun thing would be that there is free roam, you can change characters, and you can destroy things.

gawrsh that took long to write

My Statement: ABFV* is honestly one of the best mobile games I've ever played. It can be raging trying to get all 3 stars, but it's still fun.

Why get the full version: You might be asking why get full version instead of free version. Well full version has more levels that the free version, and the full version lets you access all levels instead of only a couple. Full version also has other features like The Mighty League, Tutorial levels, and rewards. Again the full version game is FREE, so don't get the free version.

Gameplay: I like the gameplay, it is very smooth, and very cooperative. The rewards I mentioned above are used to buy power ups. The power ups are speed, grow, scope, and rumble. Speed turns the slingshot to a different sling shot, and makes your  birds go faster. The growing power makes your bird bigger, and better. Scope makes your slingshot have a telescope on it, and makes your aiming much better. Rumble also makes the ground shake, and helps you win. There is an additional bird on the middle part of the screen. That is the bomb bird, but with electrical charges around it. When clicked the bird will go in front of everyone ready to be shot. Once shot instead of blowing up, the bird will shoot out a wave of electricity moving everything out of its path. This is an instant kill for the pigs.

Birds/Description: The birds are the following red bird, bomb black bird, yellow triangle bird, blue small bird, white bird, green bird, orange black bird, the big red bird, and the pink bird. There descriptions are the following. Red bird is the normal bird, and he does nothing. The black bird is the bomb bird, and explodes. These birds are good for stone. The yellow triangle bird will speed up. This bird is good for wood. The small blue bird will split into 3 birds. They are good for glass. The white bird will shoot out eggs, and will destroy blocks. The green bird will shoot back like a boomerang. The orange black bird will puff up like a balloon, and deploys like a balloon. The big red bird will destroy a lot of stuff, and is the strongest bird. The pink bird will turn things into balloons. To activate the birds abilities you have to click on the screen.

Worlds/levels: There are many levels to play on. To access all of them you have to get a certain amount of stars on each level. There are 3 stars on each level, and you get stars by getting a high score. after lets say 3 stars you can unlock the next level.

Tips/tricks: you want to save birds because they are 10,000 points per how many birds are left untouched. You want to destroy a lot of things including pigs to get points. Some birds can't/or will do barely any damage to some material, unless you have a certain bird.

*angry birds full version

The Pillage and Village update is basically a village overhaul. There are going to be better trades, new villagers, new villages, and pillagers. Pillagers are evil mobs that raid villages. Now recently there was an update were villages have like a schedule. I don't know the time zones, but there are going to be schedules.   

Just recently Goat Simulator just got released on the Nintendo Switch. This game includes all the previous, and new Goat Simulator game. This game includes the original, Payday, Waste of Space, GoatZ, and MMO.

Available for $29.99 Digital Version

FortNite / Fortnite - Showtime Challanges
« on: February 02, 2019, 03:55:43 PM »
There are new challenges that anyone can complete. The items you will get it a new pick axe, a new spray, a new dance, and a banner icon.

This link will show you how to complete these challenges:

We had to keep the water running because our bathroom water froze so we had to use the other bathroom sink.

Not really a big update, but I am really excited for the pillage and village update.

The minigames were fun except for glide. I never really liked glide. There were tons of maps to play on, and different things to do on them. With the new edition of customization there are more ways to play battle, tumble, and glide. Now what is battle, tumble, and glide.

Battle: battle is a minigame that is very much like Hunger games in Minecraft. There are spawns around a center of a map. In that center there are chests that contain items. There are multiple maps, and outside of the center there are more chests that contains more items. You also fight from little to 2 to 16 people on different maps.

Tumble: Tumble is a minigame were you get to break blocks to get the person into the lava. The four items you can use are fireworks, shovels, levitation potions, and snowballs. There are 3 layers, but you can customize the layers, and size.

Glide: Glide is were you use an elytra to get to a goal. The point is that it is a race, and sometimes hard to control the elytra, and that is why it is my worst.

Microsoft - Xbox One and Xbox 360 / Sonic Generations - Xbox 360
« on: January 28, 2019, 10:15:57 PM »
This game was tons of fun. There were tons of levels with classic, and modern Sonic. There were a lot of cut scenes though. The music, and scenery was awesome. The boss battles were great, but sometimes could be raging. Overall fun game, but it also was a short game too.

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