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Title: Star Fox 2
Post by: BLUEVOODU on October 19, 2018, 04:26:58 PM
OK... I have yet to play this game.  It was mentioned by @Icy that it was included in the SNES Classic Console ( 

More information available at:
Star Fox 2 - (

Will this end up being included on Virtual Console?   It would be cool to see Star Fox 2 arrive on the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console.

If you have played it... post up your thoughts.  How does it compare to the original Super Nintendo Star Fox?   Post it up!
Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: targetrasp on October 20, 2018, 04:49:09 PM
It doesn't seem to make sense for Nintendo to release it, not at least until they've saturated the market with snes classics OR have decided to stop putting them out. Starfox 2 was given key placement on the box for the classic, right on top of every other (and in my opinion better) game featured on the front of the box. Once the console fizzles then I'm sure it'll be out in some downloadable format. Switch Online just started putting a few NES games out, i'll bet once the 64 classic comes out the SNES stuff starts hitting on switch online, then i'll betcha Starfox 2 shows up.

Star Fox really didn't age well for me. I just had de ja vu, if I've said this elsewhere please forgive me.

I was excited about playing a new star fox on the snes classic but found myself bored with it quickly.

The more i look at Starlink the more I think Ubeesoft made Star Fox's successor. Zero killed the franchise for me, but it looks like Starlink has resurected the series into something a little more relevant for me.
Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: retro junkie on October 20, 2018, 09:31:44 PM
I would like to play through Star Fox 2 just to have the experience. I still like playing through the old SNES Star Fox, but I like the N64 version better. And enjoy that one more so. The last Star Fox game that I thought was awesome was the GameCube Star Fox: Assault. This brought me back to the feel of the first Star Fox, yet refreshing. This game would probably cause me to be disappointed in Star Fox 2 SNES.
Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: BLUEVOODU on October 21, 2018, 10:56:13 PM
I still like the original Star Fox.  Star Fox 64 was really cool.  I never had a chance to play the Gamecube version.  Weird enough... I never owned it either... but it was one of those titles I wish I had bought.

Either way, I would hope Star Fox 2 isn't boring  :o  Probably would be a little sad if it was  :'(  lol...  I still want to play it though for the experience like @retro junkie

How was Star Fox 2 when you played it @targetrasp ?
Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: targetrasp on October 22, 2018, 06:38:25 PM
My understanding was that star fox 2 was cancelled because it's graphics were behind the times and didn't run well on the SNES. It didn't emulate well on the snes classic either. Slow-down was noticeable right out of the gate, think Zelda on full hearts flinging that master sword with a room full of those knights you have to hit in the back. Outside of the what i'm guessing to be 6 - 8 FPS making the thing a blurry messy aggravation that seems a little out of sync with the controls, it's fine. If you can play it beyond all that the switching pilots and wingmen seemed cool. I didn't play it long enough to see if the stuff that spawns on the map adds any sort of wrinkle. It seemed to be heading towards your home planet? making some sense of urgency I didn't pay close enough attention to.
Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: BLUEVOODU on December 04, 2018, 09:03:26 PM
That's a bummer @targetrasp lol.... That description REALLY makes me not want to play Star Fox 2.  That also kills a bit of my memory of Star Fox... However, Star Fox is still a fun game.

Did you break it out and try any more?
Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: targetrasp on December 04, 2018, 09:32:05 PM
Nope, haven't touched it. The last time I played for any substantial amount of time was when we played Diablo about a month ago.
Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: BLUEVOODU on December 10, 2018, 09:10:11 PM
ooo… I feel that's another dig @targetrasp

Get ready to play this weekend.   Diablo 3 and Titanfall that is... not Star Fox 2.  That would take incredible magic... as a Diablo 2 character would say.... "Impossible."

Title: Re: Star Fox 2
Post by: targetrasp on December 10, 2018, 10:52:20 PM
dig... The only thing I've thrown out is that backlog crack... all this other is misguided inference!