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Steam Deck - What are your favorite games to play so far?

Started by BLUEVOODU, November 13, 2022, 01:37:35 PM

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What are your favorite games to play on the Steam Deck?  In some cases, I find there's a vast library... and then I also see many titles aren't supported or require external software.   I have about 10-12 games that I WANT to play on it... with options for about 10% of my library... many more if I put time into the compatibility.

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Thoughts, comments, Post it up!


Almost any game from the X360/PS3 era. They usually run great and generally have good controller support since they're the first to have xinput implemented, which just works with the Steam Deck. Some you do have to tweak a bit (like with Bioshock 1 you have to use mouse controls to set up controller support in the menu.)

They tend to run at 60FPS with every setting maxed out.

Xbox One/PS4 era titles are good too but you generally have to drop some settings and might want to lock them at 30FPS to get good battery life.


New game that I fell in love with and is great on Steam Deck. Vampire Survivors!

It's less than $5 right now on sale and I've already put in nearly 20 hours. It hooked me right away. If it wasn't for A Plague Tale: Requiem, this would've been my game of the year.

Steam page: Vampire Survivors

Another game that I've been hooked on is OlliOlli. It's a side-scrolling skating game that is very easy to play but difficult to master. Beating the challenges for each level is really satisfying.

Steam page: OlliOlli - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more