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Chicken Dinner Gaming Community - FAQ - In Progress
« on: March 20, 2018, 12:52:31 AM »
To help members get acquainted with the board, I am building this FAQ.  It will be built over time - pardon the mess.

Q:  I Am new... Where should I post?
A:   Feel Free to Post in ANY topic... at any time.  Try to do a search before hand, but don't hesitate to create topics.

Q:  What is the etiquette like on these forums?
A:   Be respectful to others and their posts. However, it is pretty relaxed.  Please refrain from tons of cussing - keep it about PG13.

Q:  May I post up links to my site and content?
A:  Of course. We ask that it be non-super offensive content. But we support other's content sites and hope Chicken Dinner Gaming members share their content on this site via posting. If you advertise your site, we ask that you give our site a shout out in your content to help with links to this site.  You also have a website field in your profile you may use to promote your site.

Q:  How can I help support this site?
A:  We have ads up on the forum.  If you purchase from Amazon (or other future services)... please consider doing your purchases through our site ads.  If you do not see what you want in the Ad, you can still click on it then search for what you want at Amazon.   Once you purchase, we still receive a small credit for it which goes to our hosting.

Q:  I would like to make suggestions / comments on the forum.  Is there a place for this?
A:  Yes - at the bottom of the board, there is a "Suggestions / Support / Help" category:
Suggestions, Comments, and Feedback Board

Note:  Post up ... and post often.  Don't wait for topics to be created. If you don't see a topic you'd like to discuss, Start a topic.  Help others with their posts / conversations to make sure more discussions are moving forward and being created.  Most of all... Have fun!

Please Join Chicken Dinner Gaming channels (All are Persistent links and able to be joined):
1.)  Discord -
2.)  Chicken Dinner Gaming Steam Group -
3.) Group -
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