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Author Topic: Blast from the Past Article: Sega's New NiGHTS Game for Wii Confirmed  (Read 301 times)

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Ah.... NiGHTS Journey into Dreams.  I remember having issues with the controls in this game... it was a good game though.

It appears we had a topic on this at one point  ;D   Delve into the Blast from the past:
Sega's New NiGHTS Game for Wii Confirmed -

Also:  nights 2 official -

So that means... roughly 21 years ago, NiGHTS into Dreams came out on the Sega Saturn.  About 11 years ago... NiGHTS Journey into Dreams made it to the Wii.... I think we are due for another NiGHTS game, no?

Did you buy this game?  What are your thoughts about it?  Has anyone replayed it recently?

Thoughts? Comment?  post it up!

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Re: Blast from the Past Article: Sega's New NiGHTS Game for Wii Confirmed
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2018, 09:33:16 PM »
I have both of these games. Love the original on the Saturn. A great plus was the Christmas NiGHTS. Played this game a lot. Logged in many hours. Finished that game over and over and over again.
Somehow I never got into the Wii NiGHTS. It might be because I never quite got into the Wii that much. The controller was just difficult to accept. Maybe I need to take another look at this game. Need to pull it out and play it again.
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