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Author Topic: CDG Update, Progress, and Upcoming Contest  (Read 1031 times)

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CDG Update, Progress, and Upcoming Contest
« on: March 31, 2018, 04:55:11 PM »
Greetings Members!

I have been working to promote the site...and working to get new members to join.  We  still have original members coming back - we are reaching out to others to invite them to the site.  If you have friends to invite, please invite them to join the site - the more the merrier.   I'm also working on new site updates: Our theme, smilies, and a few new special features that will be "developed" - those will be unveiled in the future.

Contest:  This will be announced soon - I plan to hold a contest for those able to bring in the most new members.  The prize?   It is a more rare piece of gaming history - small but pretty cool.  I only have a couple of these left from a competition I was in a long time ago.

We need your help with posts and topics to help conversations and topics moving forward.  If you do not see something you would like to discuss, start the topic and look for topics to post up and participate.

What's been done so far:
1.) @notify members  based on mastermario suggestion.
2.) Restructured layouts and boards.  Gaming deals, and location / layouts of boards suggested by CreepinDeth , Kinikko , and targetrasp.
3.) Added Retro board - suggestion by retro junkie
4.) Added Enotify - that pops up when a topic you replied to has a new reply.
5.) Added new profile sections in your profile to include many new services
6.) Created post titles / level up system based on ThravRande suggestion.
7.) Video Embedding - based on Creepindeth suggestion
8.)  Facebook Like, Tweet, and Google +1 Around the Web (More coming):  - Join our Discord!  We use Discord for all Online game meetings.   - Join our steam Group.

Last - If you shop on Amazon... please use the Amazon ads on our site to help support - A small portion of the sale go back to our hosting.

More updates coming soon!  The site will continue to progress and include new and more features... extending us beyond a "forum."

Thank you,