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I didn't realize they were still updating Black Mesa. Looks like there were several recent updates - some engine updates for stability with Radeon 300,400, and 500 graphics cards...etc..

The most recent update is for Fixes and Multiplayer servers:
Black Mesa Fixes and Multiplayer Servers -

Notes per the article:
We fixed:
  • The tentacles in Blast Pit not responding to explosives
  • Problems with CSM on lower settings and improved CSM performance
  • Humvee using experimental texture that caused FPS drops
  • Invalidated old saves as we forgot to set that with the first deployment. Sorry if that inconvenienced anyone.


We also found a nasty bug on our Linux servers. We are working on getting that sorted as soon as possible. For the time being our MP servers are down. Once we have them up, we will plan a play date so we can REALLY test the servers and blow off some steam with everyone!

Does anyone still play this game?

Thoughts? Comments? Post it up!